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Completely TAX FREE Status for IT Business

If you have an IT Business and you have International Customers you are at the right place! There is a workaround in Georgia which can help you to reduce your taxes to Zero. Enjoy Having IT business and Paying no Taxes at all. NO VAT and even not PROFIT TAX 🙂


What is IT Business by Definition of Georgian Legislation?

IT is the process of research, development, support, design, production and implementation of computer and information systems; as a result, various software products are in place.

Good News! VAT and Corporate Profit TAX FREE!

*  Good News N1: In case the service takes place outside of the Country the  operation is VAT free. How the location of the Service is Determined? Service is considered rendered outside of Georgia If Service Receiver is located outside of Georgia.  and here comes a happy conclusion! Your Service Provided for non-resident companies or Individuals is TAX FREE!

* Good News N2:   Income Generated from Virtual Zone Company rendering service outside of Georgia are exempt of Corporate Income (profit tax) !!! What is Virtual Zone Activity? Virtual Zone Business is the activity of creation of IT systems in Georgia by a legal person.  The Status of the Virtual Zone is a license (permit) to carry out business activities in Virtual Zone. 


Step by Step Checklist to Claim TAX FREE Benefit for your IT Business

Step 1: Register your Company in Georgia. Find out more about company registration procedure in Georgia by clicking here.

Step 2: Register your Business in Virtual Zone. What is Virtual Zone?  A Virtual Zone is a person or a group of persons of a Virtual Zone. The ministry of Finance of Georgia is the responsible body to grant status of a Virtual Zone. Piece of Related Regulation to be found here

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