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Nominee Director Service in Georgia
Nominee Services Georgia

Nominee Director Service in Georgia

Why use nominee services?

First, let’s say, that it’s pretty easy to open a Georgian LLC and enjoy easy taxation regime.  However, there are still some reasons that you might prefer Nominee Services. Such as, for example, if you travel a lot, would be hard for you to deal with company related metters remotely.  Nominee Director can act on your behalf here.  Or maybe, to avoid publicity.   For clients who have one or several other firms, the setting up of a company with a nominee director is a good way of ensuring that their involvement in the new venture is not known by competitors, particularly if expanding into new markets or regions of the country. You will be listed as the person with the significant control, but your name will not be listed as a business director. 

Who is a Nominee Director?

A nominee director is an intermediary who functions as a company director.  This is entirely legal.  Nominee Director will be listed in official document and will have a certain types of right in the Georgian Limited Company.  We also provide a signed and undated resignation letter, so that the nominee director can be changed at any time. We issue a number of other documents that ensure the authority over the new private company is with the real owner. We provide a nominee directorship agreement setting out the details of the arrangement, including the particulars of the different parties involved, which are the nominee director and the real owner of a company.

Scope of Our Service

  • Preparation of application forms; Engagement & indemnity agreements
  • Appointment of Nominee Director for Company (during Incorporation)

Related Services

  • Incorporation Service
  • Registered Office 
  • Corporate Secretarial Service
  • Accounting, Tax & Payroll Service: All companies in Georgia are required to keep proper account records, and directors are required to present  the company’s accounts that comply with the requirements of the Accounting Standards in Georgia. Devskey Solutions  offers a full suite of accounting, tax  filing services. 

How Can a Nominee Director Be Appointed by Your Firm?

Just ask us that you need to appoint a Nominee Director. We will send you a Georgian Nominee Director Services agreement to review for the terms and conditions and agree with the fee. If all is agreeable to you, when your company is being registered we will appoint a Nominee Director in the company. The Nominee Director by signing the agreement agrees that he is only a Director for formal reasons and that he will not do anything until you give him any directions in writing. The Nominee Director can sign is requested by you a Resignation Letter and deliver it to you. You can at any time insert the date and file with the Registrar of Companies. After that you can appoint another Director.

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