Best Deals on One Bedroom, Studio Houses for sale in Downtown Tbilisi

Best Deals on One Bedroom, Studio Houses for sale in Downtown Tbilisi
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Hi Dear Reader! Are you looking for houses for sale in Georgia? Do you expect to buy house in Tbilisi and get maximum rental income? Than nothing can be as promising for you as buying house in Downtown Tbilisi, Obviously, house prices are higher here rather than outskirts, but in terms of investment it’s worth It. It of stability.In case of major real estate market crisis, this area is least affected, there  is always a high demand on real estate property purchase, obviously on rent as well. Downtown Tbilisi is one of the least risky investment  possibility. Here it is really tough to find recent constructions. Downtown in Tbilisi is considered to be an Old Town, which is most attractive for tourists.. There literally is not any high floor and recent buildings. So do not look for construction companies here.  Before you proceed, let’s make sure we are on the same page, follow this link to find out our approach on partnership  with you and  how do we find cheap houses for sale in Georgia. Now, this post is on Tbilisi. If you would like to see deals in Batumi, go here. In case you are not sure where to Buy House in Georgia read this first.

Deal 1 - Buy House in the Heart of Tbilisi

Location: A very Central house for sale in Tbilisi. A very Demanded and Strategic. Old and one of the best and beautiful parts of the City.  This is going to be perfect option for one bedroom house for sale in Tbilisi.We do analyse over 200 opportunities each week and here you see the results of our work. As most of our clients are looking to buy a flat for short-term rentals in Tbilisi, they want to purchase a one bedroom studio flat for airbnb rentals, here in this blog we rapidly update such deals. Each week you will see here best and new property sell deals in Tbilisi central area. 

Area: 33 m2

Price:  40 000 USD

Price per m2: 1143 USD

Pros: A very strategic and central location. Heart of the city and a very competitive, below market price.

Cons: Old building, however you should take into accounting that it’s very hard to find a new building in the old-central part of Tbilisi. There is not much constructions in old town Tbilisi, there most  buildings are old. That’s why It’s called old Tbilisi. One more drawback of this flat is that It indeed needs major renovation work in order to make It look more attractive for short-term rentals.  Are not you going to be in Tbilisi? It’s just your real estate investment project in Georgia? Here we are, we can manage renovations for you. Hurray!

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Deal 2 - House for sale in Vake Tbilisi

Location: A very downtown. Seriosuly consider this if you are  looking for to buy condo house in Tbilisi.  Vake is one of the central districts of Tbilisi which is currently under renovation for 6 more months. After that, we will have  new beautiful district. It’s projected that prices of flats in Vake are Will go up, so many people are looking to buy flat  in Vake District in Tbilisi.   This house is located on Chavchavadze avenue 33. Furniture and aplliances included in The price. It’s ready to live turnkey apartment for sale in Tbilisi.  


Area: 36 m2

Price:  51 000 USD

Price per m2: 1400 USD 

studio for sale in Vake
house for sale in vake
buy apartment in Vake

Deal 3 - Exceptional Offer on Tbilisi Real Estate Investment for Short Term Rentals

Location:  Real Close to New Agmashenebeli Tbilisi, most demanded Touristic Area.. House for Sale in Old part of the Tbilisi. Super Good For short term rentals.With Successfuly Airbnb and Booking History. Good Airbnb Flat Investment in Tbilisi.  Floor 4.

Area: 42 m2

Price: 48 000 USD

Price per m2: 1142 USD

buy a flat in central Tbilisi Area
buy a house in Tbilisi
property for sale on Agmashenebeli
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Deal 4 - One Bedroom Flat for Sale in Vake

Location: Vake, Kifshidze. One bedroom flat for sale in Tbilisi Central Area. Close to different universities. One of the Luxury districts of the city.  


Area: 43 m2

Price:  55000 USD

Price per m2: 1280 USD

Pros: Vake is one of the most attractive district of the City, which is currently under construction. After 6 month district is going to Be more beutiful and probably even more attractive. Expected price growth and your investment gain rise due to recent remodeling of the Chavchavadze Avenue.  new Building, new renovation. Nice Bathroom. 

Cons: Are is quite crowded, not the most ecological district. But probably Tourists don’t care about that so much. What I don’t like about Vake is that there is no access to Metro. 

tbklisi flat for sale

Deal 5 - Buy one bedroom house in Tbilisi

Location: Kedia Street. Close to Metro Station Tsereteli.  Crowded Area. One of the Good Location. Very bright Flat. Nice view, without possibility to be blocked. Building has been recently finished. This is a pretty good one bedroom house for sale. If you are looking for studio houses in Tbilisi this one is one of the best real estate deals in Tbilisi. I don’t think you will regret if you buy this house in Georgia. You need to consider that major problem while selecting a real estate deal in Tbilisi is future… You know, this is a rapidly developing city, is there a chance that one day another building can clock your view from Window? This flat is good because, there is no possibility like that. There is a six floor new building already finished in front of this house so you can feel assure that in quite a long future you will enjoy your freedom and space view.The flat has one separate bedroom and a big balcony. Ideal for long-term as well as short-term rentals. This apartments for sale is in a new building, which has been recently finished.

Area: 46 m2

Price: 45 000 USD

Price per m2: 978

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Deal 6 - Cozy House for Sale for rental Income

Location: Tsereteli Avenue.  This is next house for sale in Georgia. To remind you, we analysed  over 200 studio houses for sale in Tbilisi and made this list of best out of all for you, to minimize your time on search and maximize your profit from real estate investment in Georgia. There all are cheap houses for sale in Georgia as well as great deals for buying real estate for rental income. We aim with this post to give you rough idea on house prices in Georgia as well. This flat is close to metro Station Tsereteli. Strategic location for long-term rentals. Ideal for Students and couples. 1 separate bedroom apartment. What’s most important this is really sunny apartment with nice view. Sold fully renovated, furnitured and equipment. Basically, this is a turnkey apartment for sale in Tbilisi. If you are looking for ready to live options, this one is for you.

Area: 43 m2

Price: 50 000 USD

Price per m2: 1125

apartment for sale in Tbilisi

Deal 7 - Apartment for Sale on Lisi Lake

Saburtalo, Amashukeli street, in a new building, on the main road where all the vehicles move. Newly renovated, modern 21 floor building with all communications and elevators included, the building has its own playground and square, on the ground floor there is a supermarket and pharmacy. Apartment is for sale with all bathroom accessories, Italian central heating, Italian high quality wash. Wallpaper, German lamina Ti, Spanish tile mulch. The location is real close to Lisi Lake. Lisi lake is perfect recreational area in Tbilisi City. Ecologically Friendly Environment. Sometimes, landlords approach us with this kind of nice deals.

Price: 48 000 USD

Are: 54 m2

Price per m2: 885 USD

studio flat for sale in Tbilisi

Deal 8 - Buy a flat near Sport Palace Tbilisi

Newly renovated apartment for sale with furniture and appliances, high quality modern renovation, best views, near the Palace of Sports. One of the best locations. On the cross of red and pink area of Tbilisi. If you are not sure what I mean by above, make sure you read my blog on which district is best for property investment in Tbilisi. This flat is one bedroom flat.


Price:  63 000 USD

Area: 60 m2


buy home in Tbilisi
Property investment Tbilisi

Deal 9 - Newly built apartment for sale in Didube

Location : Chkondideli St., Didube, Didube district, Tbilisi

Space: 55.00 sq.m.

Floor : 9/15

Price: 33,000 USD

Description: 2-room apartment for sale on Chkondideli Street. The apartment is for sale in black frame condition, however the building is finished and handed over.

Deal 10 - Newly built apartment for sale in Didube, *Furnished

Location : The apartment is located at Bakradze Street, Didube, Didube district, Tbilisi

Space: 64.00 sq.m.

Floor : 12/14

Price: 49,000 USD

Description: Apartment for sale in Didube district, 6a Bakradze. Designed for all conditions except furniture, the apartment is clean and in good condition, there is also a fireplace.

Deal 11 - Newly built apartment for sale in Vake

Location : Vake, Vake district, Tbilisi

Space: 35.41 sq.m.

Floor : 12/22

Price: 43,800 USD

Description: The condition of the apartment is white frame

Deal 12 - Newly built apartment for sale in Didube

Location : The apartment is located on Tsereteli Avenue, Didube, Didube district, Tbilisi

Space: 58.00 sq.m.

Floor : 5/8

Price: 46,000 USD

Description: 2-room newly renovated, non-residential apartment for sale on Tsereteli Avenue, in the newly built building located near Didube Plaza, on the 5th (8) floor, total area 58 sq.m., with studio-type living room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, balcony, c / heating.

Deal 13 - Newly constructed flat for sale in Vake

Location : The apartment is located on yifshidze, Mikheil Tamarashvili Ave (Vake), Vake, Vake District, Tbilisi

Space: 85.00 sq.m.

Floor : 4/12

Price: 64,000 USD

Deal 14 - Newly buit flat for sale in Didube

Location : The apartment is located on A. Tsereteli Ave, Didube, Didube District, Tbilisi

Space: 60.00 sq.m.

Floor : 16/17

Price: 40,000 USD

For sale on Tsereteli, near the police station, Tsereteli metro station and McDonald’s in a newly built building in black frame condition, 60 sq.m. Apartment.There is very beautiful view from the balcony.

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