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  My name is Mari and I have seen how many people struggle from lack on Information when they are in foreign country. I have been there too. I have experienced what expat life feels like when I was living abroad. That’s why when I came back to Georgia, in my home country, I started helping foreigners to cope with difficulties. After years of working with them the  idea was born. So, here you are!  I aim to provide all in one assistance. 


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  • Choose the way to contact best company formations agent 🙂 Main thing is that you reach you us. Here comes the best partnership ever. We will follow up with you very soon!
  • Address:Tbilisi Branch: David Agmashenebeli Avenue 104 Batumi Branch: Vaja Pshave street 84, 600
  • Phone + Whatsapp:+995557585353

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