All Inclusive Real Estate Services in Batumi

It has been more than 7 years since we help foreigners invest in Georgia. Seven years, unbelievable. During these years we managed to help you to enrich your investment portfolio, finding for you the best possible businesses or Real Estate for passive or active investments. We will continue to do our best for our clients in terms of generating returns for many more years.

We never stop searching for better  ways for  generating investment returns and work on minimizing and mitigating your risks. We adjust our offerings having the best of your interest in our minds. We follow the market direction, using first-hand market insights. 

So below is our current offering  of all inclusive-real estate agent services from us, your investment partners. We can share with you this type of deals which are in our exclusive ownership.

What sets us appart is that we do not offer you what you need, we offer  what WORKs. We do not sell something that won’t work even if you INSIST on it.

Option 1 – Invest from 15 000 USD

Option 2 – Invest from 50 000 USD

Similar to real estate trusts, co-ownership allows multiple investors to jointly own a property, sharing costs and responsibilities. This model offers lower entry costs, diversified investments, and potential for high returns, making it an attractive option for those looking to invest in prime locations without the high price tag.

Secure your future with a property at the earliest stage of construction, paying only 50% of its value. Resell it during construction for a higher price and enjoy significant profits. Watch your investment grow thanks to the property’s exclusivity, limited unit availability, advancing construction, and robust economic growth.

Personal real-estate assistant services

Does none of these suit you?  Don’t worry We have your back.  We can assist you in searching and finding desired by you property. This includes communication with owners, negotiation, closing deals,s and registering the property.  In exchange for a very little, symbolic charge we will back you up.

We provide all legal support for drafting contracts and finalizing real estate purchases buying in Georgia. 


After real estate investment support

Apart from the above-described four types of real estate brokerage services that we provide, we can support your endeavor further. We completely understand the circumstances that most of our clients are not even in Georgia and is hard to manage the properties that they buy and wanted to help them further to generate passive income on their investments. For the clients that buy properties from us, we additionally provide property management services and renovation help. 

Property Management Service

You can learn more about our property management service here. To sum up, we can help you  to advertise and fully manage your property. You do not need to do anything, just receive your money. Our charge for that is 25%.

Renovation Support

We understand how  hectic it is to renovate a flat in a different country. It is especially hard to find decent company for that. What I mean by decent company is that they do high quality service in exchange of reasonable charges. We have relevant contacts for individual contractors for diminishing your renovation epsenses.

Our Real Estate Agent Services Wrapped up

here is the illustration for all that we have discussed above. This shall wrap up and connect all missing points.

real estate agents batumi

Additional Services – Property Maintenance Support

Renovation Assistance

Property Renovation Agency in Tbilisi


No, we do not have renovation company, but we do have the best dealers ever. We acknowledge  a fact that you are a businessman and you do not have time for all these procedure. What’s more,  we noticed that it is very hard to find in Georgia English Speaking Renovation agents. If you do, this is going to cost you ridiculously high. So, here we are to assist you to find best renovation agency for you and deal with them instead of you. We will make sure we defend all your interest in the process. We take fixed commission for our services in this matter. This is similar to making Real Estate Deal for you. We guarantee you that you will benefit from our service and you will save much of your time and money. 

Property Management


** Evaluate the property and determine an accurate rental rate

** Market the property for rent

**  Tenant Screening and Selection

** Tenant Move In

**  Rent Collection

** Legal Matters

** Inspection, Repairs and Maintenance

** Tenant move out

** Financial Reports

Continue Reading for Property Purchase Guidelines and Detailed Procedures

Property Valuation Service

property appraiser service in Georgia

  Appraising of real estate property is carried out by certified appraiser,whose have multiyear of working experience in this field. Our Goal is in the following that make  appraising service reasonable. We can help you to  identify actual market prices of real estate property  in  accordance of the international standards. With our help you can exactly know market value of your property.  You don’t need to be applying for residence permit to be careful enough to ask professionals to valuate your property before you buy It, right? learn more

Real Estate Market Overview and Property Purchase Procedure in Georgia

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If you are not decided yet, whether you are going to move forward with purchasing real estate in Georgia or not and you are just looking to the market, make sure you do not miss out on our weekly deal releases, we do usually update our blog with recent market trends, all you need to consider before you purchase your first property in Tbilisi or Batumi,

Do not miss out on our real Estate market overviews and trend updates either

Apart from listing the short-term rental property investment deals, we do update our dear and appreciated readers with the market overview. As we work with our clients every day, we are always up to date about the current real estate market trend and always share various useful information, that is going to help you to make property investment decisions in the small country of Georgia in Europe. These are news such as market overviews, the district analysis, price analysis, and all the other topics that are trendy.

Stay updated about the commercial real estate deals

If you are considering an investment for the return,  you should not be only looking at the short-term rental, small properties. It is definitely worth considering investing in commercial properties in Georgia. Whist, there can be unlimited numbers of flats distributed with sky-scrapers rapidly building, the commercial deals are always limited and that makes those deals unique. We always update our posts regarding commercial real estate deals to make sure you are up to date.

Another type of real estate to consider – Land and own houses

The whole short-term rental investment is most popular, followed by the commercial property for our client, some of you might be looking to purchase your own houses or land in Georgia. We do assist you in that case, as well as, we make sure you are staying up to date in regards to this kind of property the best deals, and current market brands updates. Our real estate agents are always online, speak good English if you wan t to get further assistance make sure you contact us.

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Our Real Estate Investment Service

Contact us to get our real estate support straight away. As mentioned above, we aim to provide all-in-one support. starting with helping you to find suitable deals ending to maintenance service. Most of our real estate clients are foreigners, we do understand them very well, it is definitely hard to make an investment in a foreign country. Therefore, we came up with an all-inclusive service that starts with searching for legal assistance. We basically offer you a customized property investment agents. We are here flexible to your own needs and desires. You are only one step further to claim your service and this step is filling this pretty simple form.