Our Real Estate Assistance Offer

Are you Looking to buy or sell a house in Georgia? In that case, you are in the right spot. We aim to deliver a maximum of profitability for our clients. If you would rather work with a real estate agent, who cares more about your needs, rather than about their own commission, then you should consider contacting us.

Our approach to working is slightly different. We noticed the major drawbacks to working in a widely-accepted manner. It is common in Georgia that agents take a commission from the seller. We noticed that, working this way we usually can not defend the best of our client’s interests. There simply is a conflict of interests. That leads us to come up with a plan that is beneficial for our clients and never third parties. Below I explain more about how does this works.

3 ways we can help you with your property investment in Georgia

We categorized the needs of our clients into three major categories. Below I briefly list these categories and then I will go through them in more detail. Again, the aim is to deliver as customized a service as it is possible for maximum profit for you. We are flexible.

Share with you our own Deals

We can special deals daily. We do not accept all the deals that we are offered a commission to advertise. You will only receive from us deals that are shortlisted, well-studied, and evaluated. We cherish our clients as we would do ourselves. That’s guaranteed.

Help you finding the most suitable investment property

Just like We mentioned in the previous section, we only got a limited number of properties on our ownership. Possibilities are endless though. You might be looking for something specific that is not in our portfolio. In that case, we can help you to search and find a relevant deal. After that, we will help you with the legal part for finalizing the procedure. More about that is below.

Help with buying a property (Remotely too)

Do you already have a property of your choice in your mind and the procedure of registering the real estate ownerships seems a little bit confusing to you only? Then you should consider choosing this plan. We help you throughout the whole procedure, starting from the status of the property to finalizing the deal.

Get help with finding real estate deals in Georgia

As described above, the property of your interests is not in our portfolio we are there for you to find one of your needs. This can bring the most beneficial reasons to you for numerous reasons. Just like we mentioned earlier, it is common in Georgia to charge the seller of the property commission of the deal. Exactly, for this reason, the owners of pretty good properties usually prefer to advertise themselves to cut the middle man. The reason behind this is obvious, they are confident in their deal. What happens, in this case, is that agents lose interest in such a deal and never bring such an opportunity to you. We did not want to implement this type of practice into our work. 

what we do instead, we work for you. We deal with you. We disclose all the information including seller details. We analyze the deals every week. We go through over 250 properties and narrow down for you to maxim 10 deals, often less than that. We reverse-engineer and bring to you the best available option for you. Now, there is some time cut for you and time spent by us.

Benefits of using our real estate assistance service:

  1. We are confident in the value that we deliver for a few apparent reasons. Reason number one, our expertise in the market. Apart from being locals and having the sense of the market intrinsically, we work in the real estate market. We know what is a good offer and what is bed offer. We know how to validate and check the offers. This cuts for you the essential period necessary for knowledge acquisition.  
  2. Negotiation for the terms of service might not always be easy for foreigners, for a simple reason – the language gap. Even if you or the seller speaks Georgia things might not sometimes go very smoothly. Unfortunately, people always will tend to take advantage of ignorance. We always pay for our ignorance. When people sense that you lack knowledge of the market you can be easily taken of advantage.

In short, if you are within the budget you can take the time necessary to study the market and build your knowledge. Then you can take your time for analysing the deals and narrowing down to the best ones. Then you can take time to communicate with the landlords and find out actual details necessary for concluding the deals either let us do this for you.

Real Estate Agent Service Breakdown into simple steps

Let me explain to you in detail how the procedure works step by step.

  1. First, approach us with details of your plans.
  2. We sign the real estate service agreement.
  3. We go forward and search for the deals for you. We analyze many, many deals and narrow them down to the best ones for you every week. 
  4. We communicate with landlords on your behalf and represent you. 
  5. We take care of checking the status of the property. Make sure it is risk and liability-free.
  6. We prepare for you all the required documentation for concluding the deal. 
  7. We follow you or we act as your attorneys in front of the registering authority.

Real Estate Registration Assistance Service in Batumi and Tbilisi

From the sneak peek describe above, the third way that we can assist you with buying the real estate deals of your choice in thought Georgia, does not matter where, including Batumi and Tbilisi, was for those people who already picked the deal of their desire and need someone to trust for registering the property in Georgia. We can help you there too, remotely or not. 

Our Offer for helping you register the property includes:

  1. Appraising the property via certified appraiser – This is a 100% optional service. It is just for your convenience only. 
  2. Checking the status of real estate property and making sure that everything is fine with it. 
  3. Preparing purchase agreements for you. Or Checking the one for you.
  4. Consultancy and guidance through the property purchase procedure and best practices for it. 

Get help with buying a property remotely in Georgia

Apart from what’s already mentioned above in our offer for assisting in registering the property in Georgia there are additional steps to be undertaken for completing the property purchase remotely. Hence, all the above-described steps apply to this one too and some additional ones may fall into being. 

Steps for purchasing real estate in Batumi or Tbilisi Remotely

  1. After sending your passport details we will prepare a Power of Attorney for you.
  2. You will need to legalize or apostille the one together with your passport
  3. You will need to send them in Originals by post.
  4. We will translate and notarize them and finalize the procedure for you. 

We have already registered quite a few properties in Georgia remotely with a 100% satisfaction rate. The procedure is simpler than you can imagine. PoA allows us to act as your attorneys and represent your needs. So, we can be your real estate attorneys in Georgia.

Procedure of Concluding Property Broker Agreement

Step N1

Step 2

Customer Reaches us out with their requirements. We need to know:

  1. The Budget
  2. Preferred Location
  3. Type and Purpose for purchasing Real Estate Property.

We will review the request and send to you hottest deals of the week.  We will continue sending you offers until we find perfect match for you. We will do physically visit the properties for you  and send to you videos and pictures from the spot.

Step N3

As a final stage, we do help you to prepare all kind of documentations  for property  registration. We will guide you trough the procedure and make sure the procure goes smoothly and we defend all your interests.   This is not all! To make sure we provide sustainable partnership with you, we can offer you additional services as  per your requirements:

Additional Services - Property Maintenance Support

No, we do not have renovation company, but we do have the best dealers ever. We acknowledge  a fact that you are a businessman and you do not have time for all these procedure. What’s more,  we noticed that it is very hard to find in Georgia English Speaking Renovation agents. If you do, this is going to cost you ridiculously high. So, here we are to assist you to find best renovation agency for you and deal with them instead of you. We will make sure we defend all your interest in the process. We take fixed commission for our services in this matter. This is similar to making Real Estate Deal for you. We guarantee you that you will benefit from our service and you will save much of your time and money. 

** Evaluate the property and determine an accurate rental rate

** Market the property for rent

**  Tenant Screening and Selection

** Tenant Move In

**  Rent Collection

** Legal Matters

** Inspection, Repairs and Maintenance

** Tenant move out

** Financial Reports


Property Valuation Service

property appraiser service in Georgia

  Appraising of real estate property is carried out by certified appraiser,whose have multiyear of working experience in this field. Our Goal is in the following that make  appraising service reasonable. We can help you to  identify actual market prices of real estate property  in  accordance of the international standards. With our help you can exactly know market value of your property.  You don’t need to be applying for residence permit to be careful enough to ask professionals to valuate your property before you buy It, right? learn more


Real Estate Market Overview and Property Purchase Procedure in Georgia

Get Updates on Rental Property Deals in Georgia, Caucasus

If you are not decided yet, whether you are going to move forward with purchasing real estate in Georgia or not and you are just looking to the market, make sure you do not miss out on our weekly deal releases, we do usually update our blog with recent market trends, all you need to consider before you purchase your first property in Tbilisi or Batumi,

Do not miss out on our real Estate market overviews and trend updates either

Apart from listing the short-term rental property investment deals, we do update our dear and appreciated readers with the market overview. As we work with our clients every day, we are always up to date about the current real estate market trend and always share various useful information, that is going to help you to make property investment decisions in the small country of Georgia in Europe. These are news such as market overviews, the district analysis, price analysis, and all the other topics that are trendy.

Stay updated about the commercial real estate deals

If you are considering an investment for the return,  you should not be only looking at the short-term rental, small properties. It is definitely worth considering investing in commercial properties in Georgia. Whist, there can be unlimited numbers of flats distributed with sky-scrapers rapidly building, the commercial deals are always limited and that makes those deals unique. We always update our posts regarding commercial real estate deals to make sure you are up to date.

Another type of real estate to consider - Land and own houses

The whole short-term rental investment is most popular, followed by the commercial property for our client, some of you might be looking to purchase your own houses or land in Georgia. We do assist you in that case, as well as, we make sure you are staying up to date in regards to this kind of property the best deals, and current market brands updates. Our real estate agents are always online, speak good English if you wan t to get further assistance make sure you contact us.

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Our Real Estate Investment Service

Contact us to get our real estate support straight away. As mentioned above, we aim to provide all-in-one support. starting with helping you to find suitable deals ending to maintenance service. Most of our real estate clients are foreigners, we do understand them very well, it is definitely hard to make an investment in a foreign country. Therefore, we came up with an all-inclusive service that starts with searching for legal assistance. We basically offer you a customized property investment agents. We are here flexible to your own needs and desires. You are only one step further to claim your service and this step is filling this pretty simple form.