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           Looking for to buy or sell a house in Georgia?  We can guide you every step of the way.  Our approach is different from any other agency, currently operating. We aim to deliver maximum of profit for OUR clients. 

            If you think that you need a real estate agent, who cares more about you rather than commission, than you need to contact us using below form. This way you can buy a house in an emerging, fasters growing economy, with an agent who servers your needs, not just sells.

        ***** We deal directly with the landlords. No middle man service.

        ***** We do not take commission from the landlords. The mechanism that works nowadays is that agents take commission from the landlords, this is why, in most cases they do not try to negotiate and get best out of the deal for their customers. To prevent this, we will charge you for our services and make sure to negotiate and make the best deal for you.

Procedure of Concluding Property Broker Agreement

Step N1

Step 2

Customer Reaches us out with their requirements. We need to know:

  1. The Budget
  2. Preferred Location
  3. Type and Purpose for purchasing Real Estate Property.

We will review the request and send to you hottest deals of the week.  We will continue sending you offers until we find perfect match for you. We will do physically visit the properties for you  and send to you videos and pictures from the spot.

Step N3

As a final stage, we do help you to prepare all kind of documentations  for property  registration. We will guide you trough the procedure and make sure the procure goes smoothly and we defend all your interests.   This is not all! To make sure we provide sustainable partnership with you, we can offer you additional services as  per your requirements:

Additional Services - Property Maintenance Support

No, we do not have renovation company, but we do have the best dealers ever. We acknowledge  a fact that you are a businessman and you do not have time for all these procedure. What’s more,  we noticed that it is very hard to find in Georgia English Speaking Renovation agents. If you do, this is going to cost you ridiculously high. So, here we are to assist you to find best renovation agency for you and deal with them instead of you. We will make sure we defend all your interest in the process. We take fixed commission for our services in this matter. This is similar to making Real Estate Deal for you. We guarantee you that you will benefit from our service and you will save much of your time and money. 

** Evaluate the property and determine an accurate rental rate

** Market the property for rent

**  Tenant Screening and Selection

** Tenant Move In

**  Rent Collection

** Legal Matters

** Inspection, Repairs and Maintenance

** Tenant move out

** Financial Reports


Property Valuation Service

property appraiser service in Georgia

  Appraising of real estate property is carried out by certified appraiser,whose have multiyear of working experience in this field. Our Goal is in the following that make  appraising service reasonable. We can help you to  identify actual market prices of real estate property  in  accordance of the international standards. With our help you can exactly know market value of your property.  You don’t need to be applying for residence permit to be careful enough to ask professionals to valuate your property before you buy It, right? learn more


Real Estate Market Overview and Property Purchase Procedure in Georgia

Get Updates on Rental Property Deals in Georgia, Caucasus

If you are not decided yet, whether you are going to move forward with purchasing real estate in Georgia or not and you are just looking to the market, make sure you do not miss out on our weekly deal releases, we do usually update our blog with recent market trends, all you need to consider before you purchase your first property in Tbilisi or Batumi,

Do not miss out on our real Estate market overviews and trend updates either

Apart from listing the short-term rental property investment deals, we do update our dear and appreciated readers with the market overview. As we work with our clients every day, we are always up to date about the current real estate market trend and always share various useful information, that is going to help you to make property investment decisions in the small country of Georgia in Europe. These are news such as market overviews, the district analysis, price analysis, and all the other topics that are trendy.

Stay updated about the commercial real estate deals

If you are considering an investment for the return,  you should not be only looking at the short-term rental, small properties. It is definitely worth considering investing in commercial properties in Georgia. Whist, there can be unlimited numbers of flats distributed with sky-scrapers rapidly building, the commercial deals are always limited and that makes those deals unique. We always update our posts regarding commercial real estate deals to make sure you are up to date.

Another type of real estate to consider - Land and own houses

The whole short-term rental investment is most popular, followed by the commercial property for our client, some of you might be looking to purchase your own houses or land in Georgia. We do assist you in that case, as well as, we make sure you are staying up to date in regards to this kind of property the best deals, and current market brands updates. Our real estate agents are always online, speak good English if you wan t to get further assistance make sure you contact us.

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Our Real Estate Investment Service

Contact us to get our real estate support straight away. As mentioned above, we aim to provide all-in-one support. starting with helping you to find suitable deals ending to maintenance service. Most of our real estate clients are foreigners, we do understand them very well, it is definitely hard to make an investment in a foreign country. Therefore, we came up with an all-inclusive service that starts with searching for legal assistance. We basically offer you a customized property investment agents. We are here flexible to your own needs and desires. You are only one step further to claim your service and this step is filling this pretty simple form.