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high yield propery in Georgia


                Looking to invest in Real Estate in Georgia and not sure how to start? Information is overwhelming Indeed. I decided to use my knowledge and experience to make your search for Tbilisi Real Estate Easier. I do analyze more than over 200 flats for sale.  for each of my clients. Yes, I do help them to make the best investment decision possible and I would like to share the insights that I got working in this market right now. Before you proceed I advise you to read my post on which district you should choose to invest in Tbilisi. Which the best area for property investment in Georgia and where to look for  houses for sale.        Below you will find property prices in Tbilisi Hot and Cool districts of Georgia ( find on the before mentioned post what I mean by hot and cool district please, simply it’s shown on the picture below). I will also show you realistically, more laid forwards to pessimism, how much is rent for this kind of property in Tbilisi, and how much rental yield and return on Investment (ROI) should you expect.  


          Steps of Buying property in Georgia Remotely

The process is as straightforward as every procedure in Georgia is a first step we can prepare for your power of attorney or you will need a power of attorney, trustee in Georgia. That one needs to be apostilled or legalized in your country together with your password.

As a next step, you need to send the original copy by post after that your local trusting needs to take care of the legalization and authorization, and translation procedure in Georgia.

I am assuming that you have already found real estate property that you want to buy if not our company can help you to find some.

After all these steps your trustee will go to register your property in the public service Hall, of course, you will need a proper sales agreement.

The most important question is – how will you transfer your money? Usually, for extra safety we register the pre-purchase agreements only after registering the pre-purchase agreement our client, you, can transfer that money straight to the owner, and then the owner will go without your accompany and finalize the process. Basically, the owner confirms that everything mentioned in the career purchase agreement has been met.


       House Prices  in Tbilisi, Georgia  

        Now as we divided the districts of Tbilisi into three major parts – hot, cool and calm let’s talk about what is the market price of houses for sale in Georgia.  Declaimer: These are not official figures for property prices in Tbilisi, I could not even find official figures. This is the data made by us as per my experience.  This data we got from a weekly analysis of over 200 flats for sale in Tbilisi.  

Important Note: Below Prices are given in USD  for your convenience:

  Average Property Buy/Sell Price Per  m2 Invest in One bedroom – 42m2 Invest in Two Bedroom -60m2
Hot Area 1200 50400 72000
Cool Area 900 37800 54000

      Expected Rental Income from your Tbilisi Property

    Considering buying real estate for rental income in Georgia, country? Make sure you are aware of the current Georgia Real Estate market then.  Now let’s compare together rental yield, which is probably most interesting for our readers. Let’s start with the hot area property. This is area mostly popular for short-term rentals. How much income should you expect from your Georgian Real Estate?

  Price in USD per night Yield If Occupied 70% of times ROI
Average Price per Night. 1 bedroom 25 6387.5 13%
Average Price per Night. 2 bedroom 35 8942.5 12%

            As we can see, investment returns are very close for one bedroom  studio flat and two-bedroom apartments in this district. Also, my estimation is super realistic, maybe more laid forwards to pessimism.  Do not forget to take into account expenses associated with property maintenance, time required for serving short-term tenants and utilities which is usually paid by the host in case of short-term rentals.  Now, as you will be looking to
invest in the real estate market in Georgia, I hope that you have approximate
orient on average prices for flats for sale Tbilisi Real Estate market.


       How much is Tbilisi Property Investment Return in the Cool area?

         Talking about Georgia Real Estate Market we should not be only looking for hot areas. Now if you are not sure what do I mean by cool area, make sure you read above definition suggested by me.  You should not that  long-term tenants do pay utilities and  they bear other expenses related to  property maintenance.

  Price in USD per month Annual Yield ROI
Average Price per Night. 1 bedroom 300 3600 10%
Average Price per Night. 2 bedroom 400 4800 9%

Graphs - Investment versus Return Graph in various Districts of Tbilisi

Flats for Sale in Tbilisi
House Prices in Tbilisi

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