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       If you are looking for places to film, you are in the right place. Georgia has a lot to offer foreigners to Film in Georgia. Beautiful landscapes, which makes it quite attractive to take the best scenes for your films.  The Georgian government also stands on your side and offers you 20-25% money-back. take a look at some highlights represented below and let us know your thoughts. You will learn why starting a producing company is a good idea in Georgia and the question of where to incorporate a producing company will be answered too.

Top Reasons to film in Georgia

Georgia is definitely one of the best alternatives in Europe, and not only Europe but also in the world. Here are some of the top reasons why it’s a good idea to Film in Georgia:

  1. Breathtaking landscapes all around the country
  2. Diversity of Resorts due to their location. Georgia has summertime resorts mainly situated on the banks of The Black Sea. As well as it has winter resorts, mainly mountain resorts visited by thousands of visitors every year.
  3. Absolutely different culture with its national dances, songs, clothes, cuisine, and language, of course.  
  4. Architecture. some of the most famous and old buildings in Europe, churches, cave cities and so on.
  5. Filming in Georgia isn’t related to many expenditures. Prices on everything are way cheaper than in most European countries. 
  6. Long worthy history and  fame across Europe
  7. Strategic location. Georgia is situated on the crossroads of Europe and Asia in the Caucasus, bordered by the Caucasus mountains from Russia. 
  8. Government support to Film-Making in Georgia 

# Tbilisi City, Capital of Georgia | Make Your Film in Georgia

# Batumi,Sea Side City | Best City to Film

# Resorts and Highlites to Film in Georgia

Government Incentives to Make Films in Georgia

   As we have already mentioned in our previous blogs, the Georgian Government hosts a funding program, which aims to different purposes to promote Georgian economic growth named – Enterprise Georgia

  To start with,  Georgian and foreign producers who are interested in producing audio-visual products (e.g. feature film, TV series, documentary, animation, advertisement, the reality show) on the territory of Georgia can benefit from a 20-25% refund program. Furthermore, refunds are subject to the eligible costs specified in the program, which must exceed GEL 500,000 for feature films and TV series, and GEL 300,000 for documentaries, animations, commercials, and reality shows.

Steps to apply for government support to produce film in Georgia

To receive this service, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. A legal entity registered in Georgia fills in the online application form;
  2. An agreement is concluded between the agency “Enterprise in Georgia” and the applicant;
  3. The applicant is awarded a program beneficiary certificate with a unique code;
  4. Within 2 years after receiving the certificate, the beneficiary must submit an independent certification service report by the auditing company;
  5. Within 90 days after receiving the conclusion, the Agency must reimburse 20% of the limited qualified expenses;
  6. paying 20%, the beneficiary has 2 years to complete, an additional 2-5% e-payment form based on the so-called “cultural test”. “Cultural Test” compiled and approved by the Georgian National Film Center (Order N236);
  7. The commission formed under the leadership of the director of the agency (members of the commission: Ministry of Economy, Government Administration, Ministry of Culture, Film Center, Tourism Administration) considers additional 2-5% reimbursement, based on the order N236 approved by the Film Center;
  8. At last, No later than 90 days after receiving the application, the agency will reimburse an additional amount of 2-5%. Or notifies the beneficiary of the rejection of the application with appropriate justification.

#The films that were made in Georgia by foreigners in past few years

You may wonder, what are the films that have been actually filmed in Georgia. Well, there is a couple of famous films that have been produced in Georgia. The incentive has already attracted 32 productions, out of which 20 have been completedProducers from all around the world are looking for beautiful and cheap places to film. Georgia started quite recently its support program for international film-making, be one of the first who benefits from it. Some of them are:

  1. Girls of the Sun
  2. My happy Family
  3. Halo of the Starts
  4. Machine 
  5. Fast and Furious

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