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Business Lawyer Batumi and Tbilisi

 We initially offered you investment kick-off services. Later we realized that we could quickly help our clients solve after-investment problems too. One of such problem is all the paperwork – reviewing legal contracts or negotiating them. This is something we could easily do to help further with your investment in Georgia.



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Corporate Law Attorneys in Georgia

Our Corporate Lawyer will prepare all kinds of agreements, contracts, and acts for your business in Georgia.  Our lawyers are fluent in both English and Georgian and can help you to translate any legal documents. Here are some services that our clients are looking for after incorporating in Georgia.

Employment Contract Preparation Assistance

Our attorneys draft and review employment contracts, executive compensation agreements, independent contractor agreements, employee handbooks, severance plans, confidentiality and non-compete agreements. 

Tax Law

   We provide quality legal advice and representation to businesses and individuals in need of the tax code of Georgia. Remember, communication with your attorney is privileged. Our team of a professional accountants is there for providing quality tax compliance services, including preparing legal documents. such as – invoices or service agreements.

Real Estate Lawyers

    Whether you are looking to buy, sell, lease or finance, our capable team of real estate attorneys will guide you to a favorable outcome in a timely and cost-effective manner. We represent our clients in front of third-party, review real estate purchase agreements for them, help them negotiate. We provide full scale assistance from searching to closing the real estate purchase procedure. This includes checking the property status, transparancy services.


  • Contract and Deed Drafting
  • Leasing and Purchase Options
  • Real Estate Closings, Financing, Negotiation and Litigation
  • Purchase Agreement, Deeds, and Bill of Sale Preparation
  • Title Examinations, Insurance, and Resolutions

Looking for some of the above-mentioned services? Let us know the details of your requirements and we will send you an offer straight away

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  1. Mieszko

    My apartament is delayed and I have no any information from company. Could You help me with this case? What’s price of this kind of service?

  2. Natallia


    My name is Natallia.

    I am looking for English + Russian speaking lawyer as a single person to accompany my mother to the USA embassy on August 2nd at 9am in Tbilisi. I basically need a person as an interpreter. I will give the package of documents she needs and in case officer will have questions for my mom the lawyer will translate English to Russian. Embassy only allows lawyers as a 3rd party, that’s why I am looking for a lawyer.

    I was wondering if such service can be provided and how much will it be?

    Thank you


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