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Our Team offers you the hotel and property managements services. We aim to deliver full scale real estate support, property management service is part of our package. We usually offer full management of properties for those flats that we sell for our clients.  If you have purchases a flat in Batumi and are looking for a reliable partner in Business, you are on the write place reading this.

What does property management service include?

Advertising the rental properties

We use different platforms for marketing your property. We offer you our extensive profile with huge non-material asset – consistent good reviews (this makes a difference). We use international platforms such as or as well as local ones. Additionally, again, non-material asset of our  existing contact  list of tenants.

Check in/out and Clean

Service charge includes check in and out guests as well as cleaning service charges.  Our cleaners are well-trained for hotels and rental-properties and have records of five start reviews from the guests. We will be there on time for checking in and out guests.

Money Collecting and Reportins

We aim always for providing the best services possible. This often means customizing our offers for our clients. Mainly, we keep track of records of transactions on separate shared spreadsheets and distribute income twice a year. Where do we send money? to which account, it is up to you. Most of our clients open Georgian bank accounts. In short, distributing your money to you is customizable and adjustable. You will be updated about your incomes and expenses in real-time on the shared spreadsheet.

What additional charges to expect?

On top of our charges for property/hotel management charges, there are additional expenses that you should expect. The two main categories are utilities and fixing damages. Utilities in Georgia are quite cheap in comparison to many other countries. The average payment is 50 USD per month all inclusive – internet electricity, water for a condo flat. So you can expect a 50 USD additional charge in case of short-term rental management service. As for fixing something that is damaged, these are relatively rare. We are there to fix if something has been damaged in the flat. This comes with extra charges

What are the Pricing of hotel Management Service in Batumi?

Our charges for the above-described services are 25% of gross income. Again, we are aiming to deliver the best services for you, customer satisfaction is our number one priority, this often takes flexibility and customization. Some of our clients prefer to manage the advertisement on their own for example, in that case, charges can be negotiable.

Learn more about our property Management

Sometimes videos are worth of thousand words or you might prefer video content.  Here you can see how explain our process of managing rental properties in Batumi

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In addition to the property management services there are numerous real-estate solutions that we provide for you. We can help you

  1. Offer you our Ready-Made Beach Front Properties
  2. Offer you Luxurious Villas
  3. Build your own luxurious own house
  4. Become your personal real estate assistant

We are looking forward for mutually beneficial partnership with you

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  1. Maia Tsiklauri

    I am looking for someone who can manage my property for its need while I am out of the country.

  2. Muneer

    I am not Georgian, just purchased a one bedroom about 60m2 apartment in Makhinjauri Batumi..
    This apartment is in a new building and furnished.

    Is it in your scope of specialty to fully manage this kind of realestate.while I am out of Georgia.
    Regards regards

  3. Mari

    Hello Muneer,
    We do provide property management services only for properties sold by us.
    Wish you a great luck

  4. Mari

    We only support for flats sold by us. I wish you good luck

  5. Ethan

    Hi I’m looking for a Mangment company how will maman get my Appartemet in batumi are you available to schedule a call

  6. Mari

    I will contact you. Thanks

  7. Toby

    I have 3 apartments in orbi city can you manage
    Please advise

  8. Mari

    Yes, we can. I will reach you out

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