LLC/LTD Company Registration in Tbilisi or Batumi

  Our basic package for Georgian LLC Registration looks as follows. This is our basic package which includes various type of services in order to make sure you stay focused on your operational side for several month and never worry about the legal and taxation requirements and obligations. This can be altered as per your requirements since you are facing with an very customer oriented and flexible company. Our main goal is to satisfy your requirement.


We offer you Package for the Registration of a Georgian Limited Liability Company. Package includes before and after business Registration support.

  • Service Includes and covers all the Georgian company Registration Related fees and costs
  • Service Includes Preparing  customized supporting documentations for company registration in accordance with Georgian Legislation .
  • Physically following and Guiding to all the company formation and bank account opening procedure.
  • Service Includes 3 months of free accounting and shall be renewed/Cancelled  after mentioned period of time.
  • Service Includes 3 months of  Virtual Office Service shall be renewed/Cancelled with  after  mentioned period of time.
  • Service  Includes Permanents Legal Address for The Company.
  • Service Includes unlimited Legal and Tax Consultancy before and during the procedure.

Steps for Georgian Limited Liability Company Registration


–     The First step to register LLC in Georgia- Client is sending us filled informational Company Registration Form (please find enclosed file) and scanned copy of passport of shareholder(s) and director(s) by e-mail;

–      We are drafting necessary documents before client’s arrival to Georgia;

–      Once client visits Georgia we are submitting documents in commercial register together with client same day. Company will be registered next business day after submission;

Company Registration in Georgia Remotely (online)

   Opening a company remotely is not complicated in Georgia, as usual procedure is smooth. In case client wishes to register company remotely, without personal visit to Georgia,  we can register company on the basis of Power of Attorney issued by the client. Power of Attorney should be Notarized and Apostiled (or Legalized).   

 Steps for Registering a company remotely:

  1.  We do prepare POA and send to you
  2. You need to apostille or Legalize this POA  and your passport copy in your country. 
  3. You  Send Original Version by Post
  4. We translate and legalize the docs in Georgia.
  5. We Register the company remotely. 

Personalized Company Registration Assistance Offer

Fill this simple questionnaire and receive our special offer ASAP.  Our formation agents will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Company Registration in Georgia with Bank Account Opening Offer

The process of forming a company in Georgia is very simple.  In this video, I explain how simple is it to set up your LLC in Georgia. We can help you to establish a company in Georgia in just a few days. It takes a little bit of effort of you. Remote services, establishing company remotely, without visiting Georgia is also possible.

In the video, I explain shortly the procedure of company registration in Georgia, Tbilisi, Batumi, or any other city. It is as easy to open a company in Georgia for Foreigners as for Georgians. You should invest in Georiga because of the numerous tax benefits and special taxation regimes, which I talk about in this channel. Company formation and after formation requirements will not be simpler anywhere else.

00:00 Introduction

01:40 Requirements for Business Registration in Georgia

02:53 How long does Company Registration take in Georgia?

03:00 How much is the company registration fee in Georgia?

03:21 FAQ Company Registration in Georgia.

  • 2 working days
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Remote Services Available
  • Only Passport required from your side

Getting Started with Company Registration in Georgia, Country

There are 6 legal forms for businesses in Georgia. However, the most popular are Individual Entrepreneurship and the Limited liability company. Most people pick one of these two legal forms while Registration their businesses. Each of these forms has its pros and cons. You need to get familiarized with the positives and negatives of each legal form before incorporating your business. It will affect you throughout your business operation, in terms of taxation and day-to-day operation, as well as assets and liabilities. Under each of this form, there are some special taxation regimes which are most attractive when investing in Georgia, Country. I tried to illustrate in this simple chart the whole above-mentioned concepts. With individual entrepreneurship you can optimize your taxes with the status of small business, versus in LLC most attractive regime is Virtual Zone for IT businesses. Virtual zone companies can reduce their tax burden significantly.

Company Registration in Georgia country

Benefits of Incorporating a business in Georgia

Before I introduce our offer below, I would like to draw your attention to the benefits that come with incorporating your business in the little tiny country of Europe, Georgia. What are the reasons that residents of highly developed countries would come to these developing countries? What are they benefiting from?


Benefit N1 that comes with incorporating Georgian LLC​

 Not sure how to setup your company to benefit from taxation? Your company is 100% digital and virtual? Do you struggle with taxes? Stop It now! Reduce Taxes to Zero! In Georgia you can do It.  There is a workaround in Georgia which can help you to reduce your taxes to Zero. Enjoy Having IT business and Paying no Taxes at all. NO VAT and even not PROFIT TAX. Setting up your company in Georgia is pretty easy whilst the money you can save after is tremendous.

TAX FREE status for Online Businesses

Benefit N2 associated with Company Formation in Georgia


Tax Haven for Small Businesses 

This is most applicable to small businesses. Did you know Georgia is tax haven for small businesses? In terms of taxation you will have hard times to find a country with easier and simpler tax and business regulations. There s various regimes that you can claim and reduce tax burden. Such as Small Business status that lives you with only 1% of taxes on your Gross revenue

Benefit N3 that comes with setting up Georgian LLC

For exporting and importing business, for trading companies, there are various special tax free zones in Georgia. Paying a reasonable membership fee allows you to operate your warehouse and import-export business completely tax-free. 

Free Trade Zones for Trading Businesses

Benefit N4 to start business in Georgia


Various Government Incentives and Business Opportunities

Georgian government does not differentiate between citizens of Georgia and foreigners. Hence, you can benefit from all the special business incentives created by them. The government-affiliated agency, enterprise in Georgia offers various programs and grants for businesses in some special sectors. Currently, Georgia is focused on Manufacturing, film making, and hospitality sectors. If fall under these categories then you are lucky to read this.

Benefit N5 that will make you tp consider business Registration in Georgia

This includes country CFC rules, Georgia does not share information with other countries at the moment. Also, international recognition, such as easiness of doing business report usually published by the world bank. That proves how easy is to do business in Georgia. The overall macroeconomic indicators makes Georgia the best performer in the Region as well. 

Indirect Macroeconomic Benefits and country regulations


Frequently asked questions on Company Registration in Georgia

Do you still have questions about company registration in, Georgia country or General regarding investing and business climate? Your question most likely has been answered here.I have received the questions regarding company registration in Georgia, country daily basis. In this blog, I collected all of them. This blog might be extremely relevant to any foreigner who wants to start a business in Georgia since all these questions are derived from practices. From those people, who wanted to start a business in Georgia and register their companies in Tbilisi, Batumi, or elsewhere.

Your Requirements after company registration

Only Legal Requirements you have after forming your Georgian LLC or any other type of legal entity is to meet taxation requirements. You are legally required to keep bookkeeping and doing declarations for tax authorities monthly basis. For more details on our accounting service offer in Georgia refer to go here. For more details on requirements after company establishment you can see my video.

Still thinking to register a company in Georgia or not?

      If you can not decide yet whether is it worthy or not to have Georgian LLC registered, we do offer  you very productive tour package to Georgia. This is VIP offer from us. We will plan your Business Trip to Georgia and make sure that it will be as productive as possible. We do offer various range of services, all you need is to pick the one you would be interested in and let us know.   As this is VIP offer this is highly customizable one. We take into consideration all your requirements, review it and send back to you a detailed offer.