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Best Deals on Studio Flats in Downtown Tbilisi
Tbilisi Center Flat

Best Deals on Studio Flats in Downtown Tbilisi

Hi Dear Reader! Are you looking for Real Estate investment Opportunities in Georgia? Do you expect to get maximum of profit from rent? Than nothing can be as promising for you as Investing in Downtown Tbilisi, Obviously, prices are higher here rather than outskirts, but in terms of investment it’s worth It. It of stability.In case of major real estate market crisis, this area is least affected, there  is always a high demand on property purchase, obviously on rent as well. Downtown Tbilisi is one of the least risky investment  possibility. Here it is really tough to find recent constructions. Downtown in Tbilisi is considered to be an Old Town, which is most attractive for tourists.. There literally is not any high floor and recent buildings. So do not look for construction companies here.  

Deal 1

Location: A very Central. A very Demanded and Strategic. Old and one of the best and beautiful parts of the City.

Area: 48 m2

Price:  56000 USD

Price per m2: 1166 USD

Cheap Property Deal in Tbilisi
Flat for Sale in Tbilisi city center

Deal 2

Location: A very downtown. Tourist Attraction. A very Touristic Area. Close to various theaters, cafe, shops.. Very Organized Public Transport – Metro, Busses….One of the best parts of the city


Area: 41 m2

Price:  58 000 USD

Price per m2: 1415 USD 

Center of Tbilisi Flat for Sale
booking flats for sale Tbilisi

Deal 3

Location:  Avlabari, close to Biggest Thrinity Church and Metro Avlabari. Flat for Sale in Old part of the Tbilisi. One of the Tourist Attraction. Good For short term rentals. With Balcony and Bright Baroco Style Rooms. In a very cozy old Building. One Separate Bedroom and Big rooms. With Jakuzzi and Quite a big bathroom.

Area: 55 m2

Price: 65 000 USD

Price per m2: 1182 USD

Real estate agent in Tbilisi
Flat for Sale in Tbilisi

Deal 4

Location: Vake Park. Studio and Sunny Flat. Close to different universities. One of the Luxury districts of the city. 

Area: 36 m2

Price:  38000 USD

Price per m2: 1055

Flat in dorwntown
vake flat for sale

Deal 5

Location: Kedia Street. Close to Metro Station Tsereteli.  Crowded Area. One of the Good Location. Very bright Flat. Nice view, without possibility to be blocked. Building has been recently finished.

Area: 42 m2

Price: 38 000

Price per m2: 904

didube flats for sale
flat in tbilisi for sale

Deal 6

Location: Gagarini Square. 

Area: 32 m2

Price: 36000

Price per m2: 1125

studio flat for sale
one bedroom flat

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