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Is it Worth Investing in Real Estate in Georgia?

Well, Before we get into Details, what we need to make sure is, whether it is worth or not to Invest in Real Estate Properties in Georgia or not.  plenty of business opportunities in Georgia. I have a friend from the UK who came to Georgia and started a successful Airbnb company, and people I’ve sent to work with him are earning major returns on their investments.  I can list number of  advantages about investing In Georgia. So, they are as follows: 

Flat Purchase Procedure

What do you need to Know Until you Invest in Real Estate in Georgia?

There can be certain drawbacks which you may face when starting in Georgia.  Most business in Georgia is done by word-of-mouth and personal relationships. This means that, for all of its advantages, investing in real estate in a financially lucrative way depends on your having a presence in Georgia.  At the end of the day, it’s still emerging Market, there can be cases of being scummed If you are not too careful. However, if you have a right adviser, who is  familiar with Market  there is nothing to worry about. We kindly suggest you not to invest in anything without Georgian Adviser. Well, most probably, there will be nothing wrong, but anyways to avoid any kind of scamming it’s better to involve adviser, since for the most local people, It’s easy to avoid any kind of cheating.  If you need any kind of Help and Advise, here we are. Please Contact Us, we can find suitable flat for you. 

Can foreigner purchase Residential Apartments in Georgia?

 Answer is YES, YES, YES. The procedure if fairly simple and transparent, but might be bit overwhelming for those who do not speak language.  Foreigners have exactly the same rights when it comes to buying residential real estate as Georgian citizens have.  There are no extra requirements for foreigners and there are no extra taxes either.  The only documents that are required for purchasing property is a copy of your passport.

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Restrictions for Foreigners on Real Estate in Georgia

There is only one kind of real estate that you can’t purchase as a foreigner, this is agricultural land. From May 2017, Foreigners are no longer allowed to buy agricultural land all over Georgia.  This means that you can not buy land outside of the Urban Area of the Country.  Even If you do not really plan to start farming and just build a house with a nice yard in some Rural Area, still, you can not. Since any kind of land is called agricultural.


How to register property in Georgia?

Entire registration procedure is open and transparent. More reliable warrantor is hard to find.  All you will need to have is your Valid Passport and some small fee for deal registration, which is done in Pretty Cool Place which simplifies all the Legal Procedure in Georgia Called –  Public Service Hall.  The fee depends on The time Frame, but it’s between 25-75 USD. 

Step by Step Checklist for real Estate Purchase

Sale-purchase agreement and Extract from Public Registry about the ownership of the object of the real estate shall be prepared in Georgian language. If necessary, on client’s request are also available:

  • Translation into the client’s language (usually 3-6 pages) in the Translation Services. 
  • Notarization of the translation of the document. 

More Information to be found here

Black, green and White Frame Flats in Georgia

I think, it’s Georgian Specific Term, but most of the Flats new Built flats are sold in ” White Frame” in Georgia. So, what does that mean? What does “white frame” flat include? This is basically an empty shell with bare concrete floors, ceilings and exterior walls, but little else.  Georgians usually prefer to buy apartments in such a condition so that they can design the interiors to match their individual requirements.  To bring an apartment up to ‘Fully Finished’ – with proper tiled floors, rendered and painted walls, ceilings, plumbing and electric throughout, a full bathroom, etc., budget a minimum of $150 per m2. List of things that is Included in ” White Frame” flats in Georgia

  1. Metal main entrance door
  2. External windows and doors with glass package
  3. Lighting system
  4. Fire detecting and water distinguishing central systems
  5. Central heating system lines
  6. Meters of electricity and water
  7. Full systems of electricity, gas and water supply
  8. Phone, Internet and cable lines
  9. Hydro and noise isolation of the floors
  10. Thermo isolation of the whole building
  11. Stretched floor


Can foreign investors get a loan from the bank for purchases?

  Yes, foreigners can get loans from Georgian Banks for their real estate investments even if they do not have a Georgian source of Income. To get a loan in Georgia as non-resident, you need to prove your income from foreign source. You need to provide bank statement for past months from Foreign Bank and Job Agreements or any other prof of Income.  


What is the deposit in percentage required for bank loans in Georgia?

   Bank evaluates each case independently, therefore there is no General guidelines for this procedure, unfortunately. As per my experience, downpayment for the loan is at least 40%.


How much is interest rates for loans in Goergia?

  I would not say Georgian Interest rate is law, It’s pretty high if you compare to EU countries for example.  The best rat for the loan in the United State Dollar is 5% and in Goergian Lari interest rate is around 10%


Are banks more likely to lend to Georgian company than a foreigner individual?

If we are talking about the mortgage then as an Individual. Since, for Georgian LLC you will have to prove your income for the company. Also, banks will ask you about past year performance in relation to your Georgian Legal Entity.

 Is setting up a company to invest in real estate a better idea?
 Well, this question is pretty General and hard to answer correctly without further clarifications. What are your goals in the end? Taxationwise, opening a company to invest in real estate is not a good idea, since as long as you start a company you got some taxation obligations straight away. For Residence Permit, it is easier to get TR with real estate Investment, you simply invest a certain amount and get residency. As for work permit, there are more performance requirements. You need to carefully revise your plans and goals since the answer to this question depend on that.
People pay rent in GEL therefore rental returns depend on the GEL currency

Well, yes. In Georgia only allowed currency for payment/money exchange is GEL. However, It is also common to fix your rental returns in USD and receive the equivalent in GEL for that date. So your rental income will not be highly affected by currency fluctuations. 

How do real estate agents work in Georgia?

Some of you were confused about how real estate agents work in Georgia. This approach might be a little different than what you are used to. So, I decided to film this video to answer question 0 what do real estate brokers work in Georgia? hopefully, this helps you to make your decision on hiring an agent. Most real estate agents get deals from the sellers directly and then promote them to buyers. So property brokers charge the property sellers. Now you may notice a significant problem here. They may not have the motivation to promote better deals or the deals of other agents. Some of the best deals can be actually listed on the local property exchange platforms by the seller who does not collaborate with agents. they do not collaborate with brokers just because their property is too easy to sell, good enough. To fill this gap, we decided to come up with a new, and the most efficient solution for my clients. Since we came up with personal real estate assistant services. 

Can I get a mortgage loan in Georgia as a foreigner?

yes, you can get a mortgage loan in Georgia as a foreigner.

How easy it is to get a mortgage loan in Georgian banks as a non-resident?

It is as easy as for Georgians. All you need is a passport for that.

What are the terms of the loan in Georgia?

We have helped our clients to get loans in Georgia. Citizens of any country have the option to obtain a mortgage for up to 5 years, just provide a passport, the procedure takes place during the day. Mortgages in dollars per year between 5,5 % and 30 % down payment

When you buy a property and send the payment to the seller’s bank account, who registers the property in the buyer’s name?

The property registration procedure is as follows:

  • Registering pre-purchase agreement in the city hall of Georgia.
  • Transferring the property Purchase Value to the Landlord’s bank account or pay by cash, as per agreement.
  • Registering a purchase agreement in the city hall.

For registering the agreement in the public service hall of Georgia both parties should be present. In case you are not able to come to Georgia for a given period of time, you can issue a POA and your representative will be able to sign it for you. We can help you throughout the whole procedure, by the way.


I am looking for Properties in Tbilisi, do you have any?

We do analyze over 200 listings per Week. Contact Sellers, visit Properties, and then narrow down the list to a maximum of 10 Properties for our clients based on their requirements. We do post our findings for Tbilisi and Batumi as well as we do create customized listings for interested clients.  If you want to get the best of our version, contact us, we will send you a simple questionary as well as our service scope. After that, we will create a free package for you. Our main focus while creating these listings is as higher an ROI on investment as possible. Our first priority is satisfied clients. We would never advise our client property where we would not invest ourselves. An honest approach is the most important. We hope for a long-term partnership. We aim to advise the best of our knowledge.


Can I buy land in Georgia as a foreigner?


The shortest answer to this question is that you can buy land only for commercial purposes. If you just want to buy a house to settle down and live there, it is not allowed. Buying Agricultural land is prohibited for foreigners. At the same time, the law gives us a broad definition of agricultural land.  To interpret the law in the easiest way, we can say that every land is agricultural which is not for business activities. 

What if Is there some agricultural land that I like for your business?

In that case, you can convert the agricultural land to commercial by proving your commercial intention about the land. You can only buy land for your company, not as an individual.  Remember, the law restricts to use company related assets for personal matters. For more detailed information refer to below video of mine: 


How to buy a land to build your own house in Batumi or Tbilisi?

Can foreigners buy land in Georgia in 2022? Everything about buying the land in Georgia, Batumi. I have a video where I answer the question of if foreigners can buy land in Georgia. this video is a little bit outdated, a few years old, however, everything I talk about there is still valid. I won’t repeat myself, instead, I want to give you a little update. The answer is no – foreigners (non-residents) can not buy land for living purposes, only for commercial purposes. In other words, you can buy land to have some business there but not for building the house. How can foreigners buy land with their own houses in Georgia?

Yet, I have helped people buy their own houses in Georgia in a ready-made community. What’s the difference between buying a house with the land on your own versus a villa from the developer, with land and even a children’s playground? Consider flats, you buy them even though you don’t have to own the land where it’s built. You know that nobody can come to you one day and restrict access to your property because you do not even own the entrance of the building where you got the flat. That is exactly how things work with Villas. You own villas as a single property together with the yard. Nobody can restrict access to it, because it is your own property.

Hire your English speaking real estate agent in Batumi Now

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