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  Hi My Dear Readers and Real Estate Investment Seekers! Today I will make you to think on the topic on which most likely most of you have not thought yet – Investing in Commercial Spaces. Most of the people, when it comes to Investment, they consider residential flats and rentals.Have you ever thought that investing in commercial spaces can  involve less risks and maybe higher profits? Yes! If you make a right decision, you know, there will be always somebody looking to start a business on the street side, throughout the year. So here, I am  offering you, as usual, best deals on Commercial Spaces in two Cities of Georgia – Batumi and Tbilisi. Let’s Start from Batumi: 

Batumi Sale Deals on Commercial Spaces

Deal 1

Location: Firosmani Street. Close to Public Service hall and Recent Construction District. Not a very downtown but considered to be nicely located.

Area: 55 sq.m

Price: 60 000 USD

Price per sq.m: 1090 USD.


office for sale in Batumi

Deal 2

Street: Takaishvili. City Centre. 

Area: 130 sq.m

Price: 150 000  USD

Price per sq.m: 1150

Invest in real estate in batumi
property for sale in Batumi for Business

Deal 3

location: Kobaladze. Not city centre exactly but very crowded and busy area. 

Area: 110 sq.m

Price: 93 000 USD

Price per sq.m:    845 USD 


buy shop in batumi

Deal 4

location: Pushkin. One of the most crowded places in Batumi. 

Area:  10000

Price: 92000

Price per sq.m:   920


batumi real estate deals

Deal 5

Street: Tbel Abuselidze

Area: 127 sq.m With 4 separate rooms, the reception, 2 rest rooms.

Price: 77000 USD

Price per sq.m:  606 USD!

Floor: 2nd

Property on sale in Batumi
Real Estate Agent in Batumi

Deal 6 - Commercial office space for sale in Batumi

Location: Griboedov 69, Batumi, Adjara

Area: 47.00 sq.m

Price: 58,000 USD

Price per sq.m: 1230 USD.

Universal commercial space for sale with an agreed construction project, ideal for small trade / office / commercial terms, for sale with all furniture / equipment / project. 3 rooms.

Deal 7 - Commercial office space for sale in Batumi

Location: Takaishvili Street, Batumi, Adjara

Area: 260.00 sq.m

Price: 120,000 USD

Price per sq.m: 462 USD.

In Batumi, on Ekvtime Takaishvili Street, on the 1st floor of an 18-storey building, newly renovated and furnished 260 sq.m. commercial space for sale, with 9 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 4 air conditioners, central heating, there is a warehouse in the yard (10 sq.m.)

Deal 8 - Commercial office space for sale in Batumi

Location: Zubalashvili Street 37, S. Zubalashvili Street, Batumi, Adjara

Area: 107.00 sq.m

Price: 107,000 USD

Price per sq.m: 1000 USD.

Office space for sale, in a prestigious place, in the center of Batumi (Old Batumi), on the commercial floor of an elite building, in front of the Court of Adjara and the Parliament of Adjara, between the TBC Bank central office and the cathedral

Deal 9 - House for sale in Batumi

Location: S. Zubalashvili Street, Batumi, Adjara

Area: 50.00 sq.m

Price: 65,000 USD

Price per sq.m: 1300 USD.

Private one-storey house for sale in the old part of Batumi, which can be used from a commercial point of view. From the perspective of construction


Deal 1

Street: Kavtaradze. Not downtown but one of the demanded area.

Area: 125 sq.m

Price: 145000

Price per sq.m:  1160

Deal 2

Location: Tsereteli. Close to stations and many different malls and bazaars. 

Area: 60

Price: 50 000 

Price per sq.m: 833!!!!!!!!!!!!!

real estate agent in tbilisi
Tbilisi Real Estate Deal

Deal 3

Location: Chugureti Region, old part of the city. Close to any city center attraction. Close to Hypermarket Fresco. With  Big Windows and Iron Door.

Area:  25 m2

Price: 33 ooo USD

Price per m2: 1320 USD

Old tbilisi real estate investment possibility
Property Agent in Tbilisi

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