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Business Opportunities In Georgia
business opportunities in Georgia

Business Opportunities In Georgia

I aim to make this blog for every investor who are interested in investing in and starting business in Georgia very relevant as I’ll describe business opportunities in Georgia. As   you  may know, Georgia has strategic geographical location, because it links Europe with central Asia, in other words the way passed through Georgia is called as “silk road”. This means that Georgia has geopolitical location in the region. Moreover Georgia with its pro-business economical reforms tries to attract investors from many corners of the world.  Starting Business in Georgia has been made super easy for foreigners during past years. Establishing company and operating for foreigners is as easy as for Georgians. Georgia has great potential of Hydropower generation based on 300 rivers. Manufacturing branches are advanced, of course. Here operates several Free Trade Zones to produce and export goods with minimal tax burden.Traditionally, Georgia is agricultural country with wide range of harvesting season. It offers great diversity of business branches to investors and especially from them, real estate and hospitality sector, which is evolving day by day increasingly. Also leisure and entertainment industry e.g. gambling business etc.so stay tuned, you are expected to overview an article which will may determine your goals.

Start Franchise Business in Georgia

investment opportunities in Georgia


Brief  Recap of our previous posts that might be relevant for those you are seeking of business opportunities in Georgia:

  • As Georgia has great success in tourism industry today – travel agency would be great option. Opening Tourism related company in Georgia is attractive due to increasing numbers of tourists and increasing of popularity of Georgia as a tourism destination.
  • Georgia is famous with its gambling industry – this would also be the great alternative. If you are thinking to establish Gambling business visit our detailed market overview post.
  • Healthcare and medical institutions e.g pharmacy. Due to  easiness to do business Georgia gained it’s popularity for manufacturing Health Care products as well as providing health care services.  Visit our post on Healthcare regulations in Georgia if you are considering healthcare business Formation.

Investment opportunities in Georgia

As we mentioned in the beginning Georgia is situated in the western part of Europe bordered with Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the Black Sea. Economy of Georgia is considered to be one the fastest growing economies in whole of Eastern Europe with the agricultural sector, real estate and hospital and tourism as the leading indicators to the growth of its economy. As a result, I’m gonna mention several  business opportunities you should consider for creating business of your interest:

  • services of tourism consultancy
  • nursing home for old people
  • poultry farm
  • cafe business
  • restaurants and bars
  • pharmacy and healthcare shop
  • law chamber
  • fresh fruits mart
  • real estate business

Investment in manufacturing in Georgia

So let’s discuss one from other great business opportunities in Georgia , manufacturing – Young talent pool, business-friendly regulations, a favorable tax and customs framework and relatively low-cost work environment developed manufacturing sector in the region. 

Reasons why you should invest in manufacturing:

  • growth-friendly tax environment
  • free trade agreements with 2.3 billon costumer markets
  • young, skilled labor force
  • low utility costs

Several opportunities in manufacturing:

  • construction materials
  • pharmaceuticals
  • plastics and rubbery
  • furniture and so on.

Investment opportunities in hospitality & real estate in Georgia

investment opportunities in Georgia

Recently, the hospitality and real estate sectors are one of the main advanced forces  for country’s economy. There are no any real estate possession restrictions and Georgia offers great potential to develop city and especially, entertainment destinations, medical destinations, winter-ski resorts, beach resorts, four-season destinations, gaming facilities etc.

Reasons why you should start hospitality & real estate business:

  • continuous increase of international visitors
  • Georgia is regional center
  • various types of resorts
  • rich national and cultural resources
  • considerable potential to develop real estate

Opening regional logistics hub Business

open a business in Georgia

The concept of regional logistics hub is being based on historical Silk Road for centuries that gives Georgia a significant geopolitical role, as we already mentioned. Therefore, Georgia is considered as a destination for opening logistics business.
Georgian transport economy is transit-oriented. The cargo flowing in Georgia is nearly 50% transit. Transport corridors are breathing new life into the ancient trade route between east and west and contribute to the reinvigoration of Georgian transportation. Setting up logistics business Is pretty easy and smooth in Georgia. If you think on opening business in Georgia you can refer to this blog.

Reasons why you should invest in regional logistics hub:

  • access point for the landlocked countries.
  • reliable transit rout
  • customs clearance is transparent , fast and efficient, of course.
  • growing flows from the east.

Investment opportunities in Energy in Georgia - Setting up a Company

business start up in Georgia

According to the last years statistics, consumption of electricity has increased significantly in line with real GDP growth rate and reached 12.6 TWh in 2018. Generation of electricity has also increased followed since 2004, in part due to renewal and rehabilitation of existing HPPs and in part due to development of new power plants, reaching 12.1 TWh in 2018.

Reasons why you should invest Energy:

  • Growing domestic demand
  • Liberalized and deregulated market
  • Perfect export opportunity
  • developed grid infrastructure

Investment opportunities:

  • Hydro power plants
  • thermal power plants
  • wind power
  • solar power

Business process outsourcing - Best Country to start IT or Online business

As you know from above mentioned Georgia with its young and educated workforce has optimal mix of technical and linguistic attributes, competitive business-operating costs, the country’s strategic location on the crossroads of Europe and Asia confirms that Georgia is becoming a rising eastern European outsourcing destination.

Reasons why you should invest in business process outsourcing:

  • Young, energetic and readily employable work force
  • competitive business operating costs
  • favorable legislation
  • government support

investment opportunities:

  • financial & accounting
  • HR outsourcing
  • CRM/call centers
  • IT outsoursing 
  • Architecture, design and engineering 
A little bit about IT business in Georgia:
Set up and then enjoy with having Information Technologies business in Georgia because of paying no taxes at all. No VAT and profit tax is required. Obtaining virtual zone tax free IT zone status is absolutely simple. There is no maintenance fees and the status is permanent. You can see for further by clicking here.

Government incentives

In Georgia here is a program so called “enterprise Georgia”, which encourages businesses with full and co-financial help. I would like to introduce you several branches financed by this program.
This program is about to encourage:
  1. Industrial component – the program’s objective is to promote an entrepreneurial culture throughout the country by stimulating the establishment of new enterprises and after formation support
  2. Host in Georgia – to facilitate the development of regional tourism in Georgia. The agency offers program “host in Georgia” which targets and supports local hotel industry.
  3. Film in Georgia – the program aims to support the development of local film industry , attract international filmmakers to the country
  4. Free industrial zones – a type of free zone where the business-friendly regulations favorable tax and customs system apply. Fiz is open for production and processing of any goods and provisions of services.
  5. Agricultural and rural development encouragement and so on.


From this blog I tried to introduce you benefits of investing in Georgia, best business opportunities with many branches.If you have more questions please, do not hesitate to contact us by filling simple form here, we will gladly assist any of your request.

Best of luck!

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