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Buy property online and remotely

Lots of you were interested in the passive income ideas. Many of you were looking for secure ways to buy a fully managed investment property in Georgia. Now you can become a passive investor and secure your investment without any worries.  If you are a digital nomad, crypto enthusiast, or digital entrepreneur looking to invest in promising businesses or properties that are 100% managed, you are in the right place here.

The Vission and Mission​

The best place to live and networks as a digtial nomad

This project aims to create all-in-one place for local and international small and medium scale entrepreneurs. We are going to offer a place to work, get necessary services for small business (scope of Devskey LLC), to network and to work out. This concept exactly would allow us to rent or sell apart-hotels above market price. The vision is to build the bridge between the digital and the real world at least for entrepreneurs with the mission to create all-in-one service for small and medium sized digital entrepreneurs. Our aim is to create a paradise, literally the best place to live, work and network as a digital nomad. We are building the strong community for our digital fellows.

Buy a Full-Managed Business remotely - Passive Income Investment Opportunity

Some busy people like you, might not have time for managing the business. The passive investment comes into play in this case. If you are the person who would like to be a passive investor and is looking for buying a fully-managed business this project might be interesting to you. Support digital fellows here, this is aimed at boosting and connecting digital entrepreneurs, such as crypto enthusiasts, online marketers, IT gurus, or any other type of digital business owner.


Fully-Managed Apart-Hotel Complex for Entrepreneurs

In the scope of this project, parties’ intent to purchase land in Batumi or its surroundings, develop a multifunctional building, which consists of the Co-Working Space, a small Gym, and the apart-hotel area. Detailed Milestones for this project are displayed in Appendix A.   The project shall be in total 800 m2. The first floor of the building will be dedicated to the Co-working area, upper floors will be used as an aparthotel.  A total of 12 rooms will be allocated initially. 

High level of digitalization and pandemic resulted in increased number of work from-home and digital jobs. Traders, YouTubers, bloggers apart from traditional digital businesses are in place. The before mentioned circumstances introduced new and rapidly increasing market segment. There are local freelances, sole-entrepreneurs, small teams as well as expats living and working from Georgia. Majority of them are interested in the decent working surroundings. Co-working space is going to be the driving factor for the hotel.   There are similar concept businesses introduced recently in different cities of the world, yet this is an unique concept for Georgia. This is a fully-managed aparthotel complex with a special touch: designed for the entrepreneurs, digital nomads and local firms.



Who are we?

For those who are new here, we have been helping foreigners to invest in Georgia for past 5 years.  Behind this website there are brilliant young minds with international experience and education. Due to increased number of request of managed properties and business we came up with this solution. This project will be led by Mari. She studied and worked in three different countries of Europe and is a Master of International Marketing and International Management. After working for multinational corporations as a controller she developed her investment consultancy firm where you have landed right now.  She has accumulated theoretical and the practical management skills and knowledge required to succeed in this project. She has the capacity and desire to develop described in this documentary project.  Interested investors can request her resume.

Financials and Partnership

  •  Expected Size of the investment is 855000 USD.
  • The property Developer and the property owner do not enter into a joint-venture type of agreement. They merely act as separate legal entities. 
  • The investor upon investing gains the right of future ownership of the aparthotel. Cost of which is 950 USD per m2 in Turnkey (ready to rent) shape. This offer is  valid only for first investors until the capital of 350 000 USD is raised, which is 368 m2, half of the available rooms.  after that property will be advertised for higher price.

Offering Terms​

Types of Pertnership


Investors with the lower budget can still invest starting from 10000 USD. BY Investing this amount you enter an agreement with our company, which grants you the proportionate rights on income.  One aparthotel room will be assigned to you, which eligibles you right of the income worth of 25% of that aparthotel room. This type of approach is ofter called real estate crowd funding or sometimes real estate investment trust. There are some major benefits here.

Invest in Real Estate with little money and generate passive income - Fully Managed Investment Property in Batumi

There are some major benefits that you are going to enjoy with this concept. The concept is relatively new but has been successfully in place in various countries. Many property investors, those who are looking for passive income sources have already found REIT or real estate crowd-funding beneficial for several reasons.

Investing in real estate for beginners

Once you are a beginner and are not familiar with the market, or you may even be a full-time worker it is indeed hard to manage your property. You might not even be living in the areas where it is profitable to buy real estate. All these adverse case scenarios are eliminated. You are giving your real estate to the professionals, who generate the income and hand over the profits based on your shared.

Invest in real estate with little money

Buying an apart-hotel or decent property is related to decent expenses. In this case, you can buy outstanding real estate with a little contribution. Instead of buying unattractive real estate, which most likely will not generate the desired income you could go for the attractive hotel complex. I think the difference is clear. 

Generating the Passive Income from real estate

With hyperinflation and economic crisis, people were always thinking to diversify their portfolio as much as possible. yet another method for your portfolio diversification. It is a passive income source, a fully managed project which promised you the income annually.

 Possibility Buy a fully-managed aparthotel remotely

One more advantage is that you are not bound to physical boarder. You can invest in an offshore country, buy a property in an offshore country remotely. You can buy fully-managed property online, from home. Georgia allows you the simple enough legislation to register your property ownership without visiting the country. 

Why Batumi?

 Batumi is considered to be a new Dubai. Real estate projects are booming. Many skyscappers have been built and new are planned. We talk a lot about the real estate potential in Georgia a lot in this blog, go check it out if you think you want to learn more. Some  Quick facts related to increased demand on property market in Georgia:

  • Possibility to get residence permit with real estate investment. 
  • Hight Returns on Investment.
  • Rapidly Developing Tourism.
  • Country is prompt to join The EU, currently visa-free with  The EU.  This indicates a growing potential.
  • Still relatively cheap prices.
  • Remote service possibilities. Buy property remotely.
  • Safe and bureaucracy free country.


For interested investors

For some obvious reasons, we can not disclosure the whole business plan here. if you developed your interest so far and would like to learn more, we will be happy to send to you the detailed business plan. Fill the form provided below  to let us know your interests.

How to buy a fully-managed real estate in Georgia?

If you came until here, you probably developed some interest already. If you wonder how the procedure of buying this ready-made business in Georgia works, below we will guide you through the procedure.

  • Total amount to be rised for this project is 850000 USD.  
  • In order to become an investor and get entitled for profits fill the below form and let us know your interests. We will schedule a call with you as soon as possible to clarify little details that are important.
  • We will sign together with you the partnership agreements that entitles you the relevant rights. 
  • You will be continuously notified with the progression of this project.

Expected returns on investment for you

Return from Sale

Investment m2 usd

Turnkey Sell price year 1

Turnkey Sell Price year 5

ROI year 1

ROI Year 2






Return from Rent


investment size 35 m2


Annual Gains USD

ROI year 1

Long-Term Rentals


250 USD



Short-Term Rentals


avarage 34 USD, 40% annuall occupacy-conseervative approach



Project Milestones



Type of Expense



Conluding the Land Purchase

Service and Legal Fees



Preparing the project randers

Designer Service Fee



Development of the Building, 800 m2

Construction and Renovation Costs



Furnishing – Buying all relevant furniture, tools and equipment

Cost of goods



Marketing and Operational Tasks

One year Salaries for 3 person. Cleaning Lady, Office Manager and Marketing Head






Video introduction of the project b

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