Is Real Estate in Batumi Still a Good Investment in 2024?

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The real estate market in Batumi, Georgia, has long been a prime focus for investors looking to capitalize on the city’s rapid development and picturesque coastal charm. However, with the ever-evolving market landscape, it’s essential to reassess its potential in 2024. In this blog post, we’ll explore the current trends, property prices, and economic factors influencing Batumi’s real estate market. We’ll also discuss the best investment options, offering insights from local real estate brokers and maklers to help you make informed decisions about investing in Batumi.

Current Real Estate Trends in Batumi

Batumi’s real estate market has experienced substantial growth over the past decade. Once an undiscovered gem, the city is now dotted with numerous skyscrapers and studio flats, thanks to continuous construction and development. This influx of properties has shifted the market dynamics, creating a higher supply that has influenced property values and rental yields.

Property Price Analysis for 2024

Property prices in Batumi have fluctuated, reflecting changes in demand and supply. A decade ago, investing in real estate in Batumi, Georgia, was a surefire way to make substantial profits. Early investors saw remarkable returns as the city’s popularity soared. Today, while the market is more saturated, opportunities for high returns still exist, particularly in undervalued properties under construction. These properties, once completed, can yield up to 100% profit margins.

Economic Factors Impacting the Batumi Market

Several economic factors are currently shaping the property market in Batumi. The city’s growing appeal to international tourists and investors has been a significant driver. The presence of international hotel chains and luxury brands signals a strong future outlook. However, the local market faces an imbalance between supply and demand, affecting rental yields and property prices.

Best Investment Options in Batumi

Investing in Batumi’s real estate market today requires a strategic approach. While studio flats were once the go-to option, their profitability has diminished due to the high supply. Instead, larger residential units and commercial spaces present better investment opportunities. These properties are less likely to be oversupplied and can yield higher rental returns and resale values.

Insights from Real Estate Brokers in Batumi

Local real estate brokers and maklers, such as Mari Devskey, provide valuable insights into the market. Devskey highlights the importance of focusing on properties with limited supply and high demand, such as commercial spaces and larger flats. These investments are less prone to market saturation, ensuring a higher potential for profit. Additionally, undervalued properties under construction offer excellent opportunities for significant returns once they are completed and sold.

Investment Returns and Risks

Investing in Batumi real estate today offers a mix of opportunities and challenges. While the market may not provide the same level of returns as it did a decade ago, strategic investments can still be highly lucrative. By targeting undervalued properties, larger residential units, and commercial spaces, investors can navigate the current market conditions to achieve impressive returns. Thorough research and collaboration with experienced local real estate brokers are crucial to making informed investment decisions.


Is real estate in Batumi still a good investment in 2024? The answer is both yes and no. While the market no longer guarantees the extraordinary profits of the past, strategic investments can still yield significant returns. By focusing on undervalued properties, larger residential units, and commercial spaces, investors can capitalize on Batumi’s evolving market dynamics. As always, leveraging the expertise of local real estate brokers and maklers is essential for making the best investment decisions in Batumi.

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Understanding the Common Mistake real estate investors of Georgia make

In the dynamic world of real estate investment, one significant mistake many investors make is focusing solely on rental income. While passive income from rentals is appealing, this narrow focus often leads to overlooking the substantial profits that can be gained from capital appreciation. Typically, investors ask, “How can I rent this property?” but a more crucial question should be, “How much can this property appreciate in the current market conditions?”

Why Focus on Capital Gains?

The future is unpredictable. Events like the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical tensions, such as the war in Ukraine, have shown us that projecting property values 10 years into the future is speculative at best. Instead of betting on long-term appreciation, savvy investors should identify properties that can be resold at a higher price in the short term.

Batumi, a coastal city in Georgia, has become a hotspot for real estate investment due to its rapid development and increasing international interest. However, to navigate this market successfully, investors need to adapt to current conditions rather than relying on long-term projections.

Investors generally fall into three categories:

  1. Early Risers: These are investors who take the plunge early when construction just starts. They benefit the most from the initial surge in property values.
  2. Mid-Curve Jumpers: These investors get in once the trend is evident but not at its peak. They still make profits, though not as substantial as early risers.
  3. Late Entrants: These investors enter the market when the trend has peaked, often resulting in lower returns or even losses.

Smart Property Investment Strategies for Georgia

Here’s a straightforward investment formula:

  • Buy an under-construction project: Pay just 50% of the property price.
  • Wait for construction to progress or finish.
  • Sell the property for up to 50% profit within one to two years.

This strategy is simple yet effective, allowing you to capitalize on current market conditions without speculating on the distant future.

Here’s a strategy that has proven effective for me and my clients:

  1. Identify Undervalued Properties: Focus on properties that are currently undervalued, particularly those under construction. These properties are often available at a lower price, providing a lucrative opportunity once they are completed.
  2. Timing the Market: Buy during the construction phase and hold the property until the market conditions are favorable for a resale. This can result in substantial capital gains, sometimes up to 100%.
  3. Evaluate Market Demand: Look for properties in areas where demand is expected to increase. For instance, commercial spaces in developing areas can yield high rental income and appreciation.
  4. Risk and Reward: Higher risks often come with higher rewards. Early investors who bought studio flats in Batumi before the market surged saw significant profits. Similarly, investing in under-construction projects now can lead to impressive returns as demand increases.

This is exactly our current strategy as investors and also offering for our clients. You might as well be interested on how can we help you in real estate of Batumi.

Why Batumi Still Holds Potential

Despite the uncertainties, Batumi continues to show promise. The city is experiencing continuous growth, with new skyscrapers and developments each year. This indicates that significant investments and thorough market research back these projects, suggesting a positive outlook.

Final Thoughts

Investing in Batumi’s real estate market today requires a shift in focus from long-term rental yields to short-term capital gains. By identifying undervalued properties and timing the market correctly, you can achieve substantial returns. Remember, the key is to adapt to the current market conditions and make informed decisions based on present opportunities rather than uncertain future projections.

For a more detailed analysis and expert insights into the Batumi real estate market, watch our latest video. We delve deeper into strategies, opportunities, and trends to help you make the most of your investment. If you have any questions or need personalized advice, feel free to contact us. Our experienced team is here to guide you through every step of your investment journey in Batumi.