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Bank Account for non-resident. Opening a peronal bank account in Georgia

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We will be more than happy to be able to assist you with this requirement.

Information on Opening Bank Account in Georgia when a client is physically visiting banks

Opening a personal bank account in Georgia is pretty simple. Every person can do it themselves, without any assistance. All you are required  to provide is your passport and that’s pretty much It. However, some people still require help due to language gap. So, here we are.

Checklist for Foreigner who opens bank account in Georgia

Make sure about following things when you open bank account in Georgia:

  1. You do have account in different currencies
  2. Check if you can access internet banking
  3. Use Digipass (token) instead of sms banking. You may activate roaming service on your Georgian phone number, but digipass ismore safe and secured way for foreigners having Georgian Bank Account. In somecountries roaming service may not work as expected, or you may lose your simcard… To avoid such a circumstances and minimize the chance that you may needcome back  due to this unconvenientissues I recommend using digipass which you can always reactivate remotely.
  4. Make trial Transfer, see how does  It and If does it work properly.
  5. Do not forget to indicate your internationalnumber while opening a bank account in Georgia. This is crucial! This way youmay avoid lots of problems.
  6. Request Bank Cards if you require so in your preferredcurrency.
  7. Change pin code on ATM
  8. Additionally, you can use personal banker servicefor  around 200 Gel a year. This way youhave somebody available on whatsapp, for call or email any time in the bank.Banker can give you information regarding your accounts, as well as, make sometransactions as per your request.

Information on Opening a personal bank account remotely | Without being in Georgia

              Steps  for Opening Bank Account remotely:

  1. We: agree on pricing strategy.
  2. We: send you POA
  3. You: apostille or legalize this POA together with your passport copy.
  4. You: Send to our postal address in Georgia.
  5. We: translate and legalize the document in Georgia
  6. We: Open Bank Account as per your request and communicate wit banks.

Important Note

we are not decision making body so we can not give you 100% assurance that banks will open bank accounts even if we comply with formal side. Banks have their decision making department who assess each client individually and make decision.  In most cases we are able to open bank account whilst we can not access online banking or request bank cards. Additionally, we can assign you private banker who will inform you about your accounts and make transactions on behalf of you.

Please evaluate above mentioned strategy and let  us know your final requirements.

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