The Best Banks in Tbilisi, Georgia | Open a bank account in 1 hour

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Bank Account for non-resident. Opening a peronal bank account in Georgia

Which is the Best Banks to open an account for Foreigners in Georgia

    Nothing else is as developed in Georgia as Banking Services.  Banks in Georgia Provide very high quality and express Services. You will benefit from easiest way of having a corporate bank account here. You can open your bank account in 1 hour and receive Bank Card the same or the next day.   With Right Agent in two days you can have a recently established company with active bank account. This is easiest way to start a business and open a corporate account.  For more information of starting a business in Georgia and Business Registration Procedure click here. 




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List of Commercial Banks in Georgia: 

Based on our experience, amongst 18 bank stated above, Bank of Georgia and TBC Banks claims to have most flexible, fast and high quality service both for locals and for international people. Back in the past, I would recommend TBC Bank for  my international friends, however, my current experience  convinced me that Bank of Georgia Does Its best for foreign Businessman Coming to Georgia.

TBC versus Bank of Georgia - Fee Comparison for Corporate Multicurrency Bank Accounts

> Account Opening Fee - FREE

>  Account Monthly Maintenance Fee -  1 GEL
> Business Card Annual Service Fee -
> Min. balance requirement - Not Required
> Internet Banking Without Digipass - 5 GEL Monthly
> Internet banking with digipass - 5 GEL Monthly ( 40 GEL DigiPass One time Payment)

tbc bank corporate account

> Account Opening Fee - 10 GEL
>  Account Monthly Maintenance Fee -  Free of Charge
> Business Card Annual Service Fee - 150 GEL
> Min. balance requirement - Not Required
> Internet Banking Without Digipass - Free
> Internet banking with digipass -  Quarterly fee - 15 GEL ( 60 GEL DigiPass One time Payment)

Click  On The Picture for More Detailed Information

Click on The Picture for More detailed Information

As soon as you are done company formation  you can apply for opening Bank Account in Georgia. Which is pretty smooth procedure, It might take 1 hour of your time. The next day your Business Card will be ready to use.  The next day you will be able to start having transactions and bank operations. Bank of Georgia can even provide with Unnamed Business Cards exact same day you apply, If you are in a hurry.  So, to open a company in Georgia and Get your Ban account can take 3 days and 2 hours of your time with right agent, who will prepare all the supporting documentations in advance. If you want to learn more about company formation procedure hit this button here > Click Me 

Which documentations will you need to open a bank account in most of banks of Georgia?

  • Application form for opening the account;
  • Signature sample of the client’s representative;
  • ID of the client’s representative;
  • An extract from the Business Register;**
  • Guidelines;

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