E-VISA Procedure in Georgia | Step by Step Guide

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In This Blog you will learn, which of 4 possible can you claim to enter Georgia and then  all about E-VISA requirements. Step by Step Tutorial and Guide, All the Information that you will need to take into consideration before and after your arrival can be found here. I tried to provide useful tips and warnings about coming to Georgia.

Before you proceed read Important Notes About E-VISA

Electronic Visa Georgia

STEP1: Documents to be obtained in advance for Electronic VISA in Georgia

  • If you already have a valid international travel Insurance go aheade an use It! 
  • If you do not have any idea where to get It, you can purchase It any travel agency in your country most probably, however, I deeply believe easiest way Is to purchase It online. Click on the > Purchase Link 
  • If you do not feel comfortable with none of them, contact us, we can get your Insurance from Georgia in shrotest period of time. Contact  Link

Prepare E-Version, of-course. You must directly face the camera.

File size must not exceed 5 MB.<br> Only JPG, JPEG, PNG and BMP files are allowed.

Please see the sample photos by clicking this link.

Which is your Passport

visa georgia photo

STEP2: Simple personal Information to be filled

Go to the Official web-site and follow the instructions. You will be asked very common personal questions. Here is the link where to apply: E-VISA Portal Link

STEP 3: Payment Gatheway

You will receive email confirming your application with payment instructions.  Once again, the method of payment is Electronic using Master Card/Visa Card/Debit CArd.

NOTE: Verification Link is only Valid for 1 Hour. If you do not pay for your application within 1 hour your application will be canceled and you will need to recreated It.

Acknowledgement: It takes less than 5 working days to make decision on the granting E-VISA. Application Fee is not refundable.

STEP 4: Prepare supporting documentations that you should be able to present on the boarder upon request | Checklist

These are the Documents that you will need prepare and keep it with you when entering Georgia. The Boarder Officer Might not ask you about these documents. However, If asked you might get into trouble. So, I kindly suggest you, do not skip these part and prepare supporting documentations at the boarder. These are as follows

  • Travel Document / Passport   –  How Surprising Is this? :))
  • Document Proving Purpose of Travel –     You can prove purpose of your travel by presenting invitation, letter from nominating Institute or Organization or by presenting other document proving a purpose of visit. Letter of Invitation from Georgian Individual/Institution is highest value amongst these. Need the invitation letter? Contact us we will consult with you.
  • Travel and Health Insurance
  • Document Proving sufficient financial means – You can prove possession of sufficient  financial funds by presenting : Bank statement of the past three months, reference from your Employer which includes information regarding your position and income, document proving possession of real estate, letter from a sponsor. Letter from a sponsor (dated and signed) should include Name and Surname of sponsor, address, Contact Information, relationship between applicant and sponsor, place of destination and duration, list of costs covered by a sponsor.
  • Proof of Accomodation /booking.
  • Printed Copy of your E-VISA

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