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Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

    Is Visa required  for Pakistani Citizens in Georgia? Recently, Pakistani Nationals approach me with this question and I would like to answer all your concerns here in this blog. For detailed information about Visa Requirement sin Georgia in General refer to this blog: Click the Link . To determine whether you are required to obtain a   Visa Prior  Arrival or not you need to answer following Questions: 

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What is the type of your Passport?

You can have these types of passports: 

In most cases, people traveling in Georgia have the Regular one so following procedure is guideline for Regular Passport holders. As for other type of passport holders, feel free to approach me for more detailed information. 

What is the Purpose of your Visit?

Short stay – Aliens who are coming to visit Georgia for short-stay purposes must apply for an ordinary visa. An ordinary visa shall be issued, to persons arriving in Georgia for tourism purposes; to persons arriving in Georgia to visit relatives and friends; to persons arriving in Georgia to hold business meetings and negotiations, see more information

Immigration – Aliens who are coming to visit Georgia for immigration purposes must apply for an immigration visa. above mentioned visa shall be issued to persons arriving in Georgia to conduct labour activities;to persons arriving in Georgia on scientific, sports, cultural or educational mission; to persons arriving in Georgia for family reunification, see more information

Official visit – Aliens who are coming to Georgia with official visit purposes must apply for diplomatic or special categoryshort-term visa. Above mentioned visa shall be issued to top officials of foreign legislative and executive authorities,  to members of foreign delegations; persons holding business/official passports and arriving in Georgia on a working visit;  based on the national interests of Georgia, to persons arriving in Georgia on various missions, see more information

Diplomatic rotation – Aliens who are coming to Georgia with the purpose of diplomatic rotation must apply for diplomatic or special category long-term visa. Above mentioned visa shall be issued to to employees of diplomatic and equivalent missions accredited to Georgia, and to consular officials and their family members; to employees of representation offices of international organisations located in Georgia, who have been granted the diplomatic status by Georgia, and to their family members see more inforamtion

Transit  Transit visas shall be issued only for transiting the territory of Georgia (10 days) in order to enter a third country.

Please note: that you can establish a company in Georgia and Have a business account here with  Ordinary Visa. However, if you would like to apply for Temporary Residency here, make sure your visa is issue for more than 40 Days. It is required to have at least 40 days legal stay in Georgia left prior to your application for TR. 

Are you holder of valid visa or/and residence permit issued by one of the countries listed below?

British Dependent Territories – Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man
British Overseas Territories – Bermuda, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Turks and Caicos Islands, Gibraltar
Czech Republic
Denmark territories
French Republic territories
Netherlands territories
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
United States of America

 Answer YES:  VISA NOT REQUIRED. You  may enter and stay in Georgia for 90 days in any 180 day period.  

Border Police of Georgia:


Citizens of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and stateles s persons permanently residing in this country, for short-term visit purposes, must obtain an ordinary visa before entering the territory of Georgia. It is possible to obtain through Georgian Embassy or Consular Office.

Temporary Residence Permit Procedure in Georgia for Pakistani Citizens

Obviously, there is no special requirements for TR for Pakistani Citizens. They go under the ordinary procedure. If you are asking whether they are likely to get TR here, my answer is here. Sure, if they comply with all the requirements they will get visa. There is certain types of VISA in Georgia. Please check my blog for more details. 

How easy it is to start a Business in Georgia?

You can open your company in one single day, of course in case you have all of your documents in order. Georgia is one of the easiest country in terms of starting a business. If you would like to learn more about a company formation procedure click here. Pakistani citizens are not exception either. They can start a business in Georgia as easily as Georgians can.  

Opening a Bank Account for Pakistani Citizens in Georgia

In Georgia banks tend to open bank accounts for Pakistani People very easily. It required just one hour of your time and you are all set with your international bank account plus all the required services. You should expect very high level of Banking Services in Georgia. 

Can Pakistani Citizen Open a company and Bank Account Remotely?

You do not need to come to Georgia to have a company or a bank account here. All these can be done without you, physically being here. All you need is to prepare POA and Passport. Only difficulty here is that you need to Legalize these documents before you send It. As Pakistan is not  one of the member countries  of Hague Convention  you need to legalize documents in the embassy of Georgia. Unfortunately, you can not do this in Pakistan since there is no Georgian embassy. You will need to go to UAE where the nearest Georgian Embassy is. 

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