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    Greetings to our page dear constant reader, we will spare no effort to provide you with the newest information regarding business relations with Georgia. Our today’s topic will be some Houses for sale near Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. plus lands for sale to build a house in Tbilisi. I can represent to you several options from where you may can consider one from them. For furthermore details contact us we will provide you with all the necessary informations.

Option 1: House for sale near Tbilisi, in Ivertubani

  • Area of House : 160 square meter
  • Total area : 440 square meter
  • Number of rooms : 5
  • Number of floors : 2
  • Price for square meter : 481 $
  • Price on the Whole : 77 000 $
  • Location :Ivertubani, Chughureti district, Tbilisi

Newly built house for sale, with all the communications, linked to the central pipes, consists of 5 rooms where from 4 are bedrooms. 

Option 2: House in Chughureti district

  • Area of House : 120 square meter
  • Total area : 190 square meter
  • Number of rooms : 5
  • Number of floors : 2
  • Price for square meter : 300 $
  • Price on the Whole : 57 000 $
  • Location : Chugureti district
The house is newly furnished and is for sale urgently! With big balcony and view on the city.

Option 3: No agricultural land at Nadzaladevi district

  • Total area : 420 square meter
  • Price for square meter : 67 $
  • Price on the Whole : 28 000 $
  • Location :Nushi st.,Avshniani, Nadzaladevi district.

420 sq.m. for sale immediately. Non-agricultural land on the side of the road on Almond Street, on the opposite side of the stadium, can be used in a very promising place both for a residential house and for commercial purposes.

Option 4: House at Saburtalo district

  • Total area : 960 square meter
  • Number of rooms : 10
  • Number of floors : 2
  • Price for square meter : 89 $
  • Price on the Whole : 85 000 $
  • Location : Vaja Fshavela st., Dighomi village, Saburtalo district.

for sale! In Digomi, behind the courthouse, a 3storey house with two apartments of 345 sq.m. (Basement 115 sq.m. with 3 meter ceiling) Black frame inside.(According to the project, each apartment has 5 rooms, 3 bathrooms)The land is 450 sq.m. If you buy both, the price will go down. The pool can be arranged on the terrace. If desired, it is possible to purchase the adjacent land.

Option 5: house at Lisi

  • Area of House : 175 square meter
  • Total area : 516 square meter
  • Number of rooms : 5  (4 bedroom)
  • Number of floors : 2
  • Price for square meter : 566 $
  • Price on the Whole : 99 000 $
  • Location : Upper Lisi cottages, Tkhinvala, Tkhinvali, Tsodoreti, Lisi, Green City Lisi, Saburtalo district, Tbilisi

Construction is complete, there are remaining exterior paving and painting works that will continue according to the buyer’s choice. If desired, you will be fully repaired by owner.
5 rooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dressing room, balcony (5.4 sq.m.); White frame. (Land $ 70 / sqm + house $ 430 / sqm)
The house is located in the village. In upper Lisi, in the summer cottage area, hidden in the greenery, in the prestigious micro-district, 850 m above sea level (middle Tskneti height), 6 km from Lisi lake (5 minutes), 40 meters from the asphalt road, 341 sq.m. with its own yard, high ceiling, communications.

Option 6: No agricultural land at Nadzaladevi district

  • Total area : 220 square meter
  • Price on the Whole : 45 000 $
  • Location : Samghereti Street Nadzaladevi District Tbilisi, Nadzaladevi, Nadzaladevi District, Tbilisi


Option 7: House at Soghalnuri

  • Total area : 360 square meter
  • Number of rooms : 5
  • Number of floors : 2
  • Price for square meter : 228 $
  • Price on the Whole : 82 200 $
  • Location : Krtsanisi, Soghanlughi, Krtsanisi district, Tbilisi

Black frame 

Option 8: Newly built apartment for sale in Chugureti district

  • Total area :  58.80 square meter
  • Number of rooms : 2
  • Number of floors : 2
  • Price for square meter : 995 $
  • Price on the Whole : 58 500 $
  • Location : marjanishvili Metro, K. Marjanishvili Street, Chugureti District, Tbilisi.

Houses for sale near Tbilisi! Furnished apartment with 58.8 sq.m. balcony, 300 meters from Marjanishvili metro station, is located in the Italian historical yard, near the famous old Russian church (St. Alexander Church), newly renovated with all brands of appliances, Italian heating system, beautiful wooden interior decoration, the whole structure is reinforced with iron. , High quality material used for repairs.
It also has a common yard area (in the Italian yard, if the investor wants to buy the whole yard for the project) all the apartments in the yard have a common area and the purchase price by the investor is 2 times the real price of the apartments, in this yard a total of 3600 sq.m. The price of the apartment in the yard and the land on this side is at least $ 800 per sq.m. for investors and the total land estimate is about $ 3 million and each apartment is about 100 kilometers (at least for a fraction of the land only)
And this apartment has a 5 star location for daily rent for business on Airbnb and

Option 9: House for sale in Zemo Vedzisi

  • Total area :  171 square meter
  • Number of rooms : 5
  • Number of floors : 1
  • Price for square meter : 368 $
  • Price on the Whole : 63 000 $
  • Location : Upper Vedzisi Street, Upper Vedzisi, Vedzisi, Saburtalo district, Tbilisi

Option 10:House for sale in Isani

  • Total area :  108.00 square meter
  • Number of rooms : 5
  • Number of floors : 1
  • Price for square meter : 435 $
  • Price on the Whole : 47 000 $
  • Location :Sanadze st. 1, Isani, Isani district, Tbilisi

Houses for sale near Tbilisi! Private house for sale in an African settlement, in the best central location, close to the school and the institute, behind the supermarket “fairytale”. Newly built house, currently- white frame.

Option 11: House for sale in Chugureti

  • Total area :  65.00 square meter
  • Number of rooms : 3
  • Number of floors : 2
  • Price for square meter : 923 $
  • Price on the Whole : 60 000 $
  • Location :43, z. Kvlividze Street, Chugureti, Chugureti District, Tbilisi

Houses for sale near Tbilisi! 2-storey non-standard private house in Old Tbilisi, near Marjanishvili metro station (near the factory). On Zurab Kvlividze Street. The house has 2 bedrooms, one bathroom and a studio-type living room with kitchen. The house also has 2 small basements. Has undergone a complete overhaul, all communications are replaced. Area: 65 sq.m. Ceiling height: 3 m.

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  1. Anthony Chen

    I’m interested in several properties of your listings. Please forward me all you have in detailed informations. Including the electricity ( how many ample , voltage ) heating, air conditioning, water supply, sewer,
    adjacent environments, streets,
    how you connect to the major highways, and,
    nearby primary schools, hospitals as well as supermarket.
    I’m an investor, currently living in the states and
    going to pay a visit to Georgia country in one or two months.

    P. S. — please exclude agricultural land, foreigners are not
    allowed to own farming land.

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