How to Setup Medical Business in Georgia
setting up a medical business in Georgia

How to Setup Medical Business in Georgia

Hello our appreciated reader, our team is continuing offering interesting blogs for you. Today, we’have decided to make all clear regarding starting a medical/healthcare business in Georgia and will depict about what the person interested in medical business must meet. Investors who would like to set up a company in Georgia may should take this note that today, Georgia has about 260 medical center, hospitals and clinics with 12 000 beds.

It is not tough to guess that without license it is not permitted to conduct your business activities in the medical field.It won’t be surptise either that license is issued by Ministry of Health of Georgia.

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Who can get permission to Start medical Business in Georgia

Any legal entity, regardless of its range subordination, organizational-legal and ownership form, may obtain a medical activity permit on the territory of Georgia if all the required documentation (written announcement…) are submitted and if it meets the following requirements:

  • must be the subject of medical activity in the determined form by Ministry of Health of Georgia (medical cabinet,ambulatory, hospital, laboratory etc.)
  • for operating medical activities must have relevant qualified specialists
  • must be equipped with all the necessary and licensed medical equipment
  • specialists must have relevant hygienic certificates
  • the medical facility must, if necessary, have the appropriate permit from the state inspectorate for the control of legal turnover of narcotic and psychotropic substances 

If your requirement about getting medical license is approved , they will let you know withing 30 days.

Checklist to consider before setting up Georgian Company

I would like to list some kinds of operating and permitted medical  activities within Georgia. As you can guess, it will be long list and in order to keep your attention I will only be listing important things. they are:

  • Pre-medical care
  • Nursing care
  • Primary medical care
  • Emergency medical care
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Outpatient medical care for the population 
  • Outpatient care for the child population
  • Inpatient medical care for the population
  • Inpatient medical care for the child population
  • Export medical activities 
  • Traditional medical activities
  • Sanatorium treatment
  • Medical psychology 
  • Pharmaceutical activities of the institution 
  • Medical research activities 
  • Sanitary education

Prices to register your medical business in Georgia

Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of the services carried out by the following registers: 

  • a pharmaceutical product for the recognition regime to register his first import (except by the person concerned regardless of the purpose of importation of pharmaceutical products are proactive registration and ad already registered pharmaceutical product packaging and labeling through private access) – 500 GEL; 
  • State registration of an innovative (new original) pharmaceutical product under the national regime –  2,500 GEL; 
  • Registration of generic and reproduced pharmaceutical products, blood preparations under the national state registration regime – 500 GEL
  • registration of diagnostic means: test systems (according to nosologies), allergens, reagents (for clinical biochemistry and clinical chemistry) and serum kits under the national state registration regime – GEL 400; registration of each position included in them by the national state registration regime – additional 10 GEL; 
  • Registration of dental material under the national state registration regime – 500 GEL;
  • Registration of medical subjects in the national state registration regime- 1,000 GEL;
  • voluntary registration of complementary medicines under the national state registration regime – 400 GEL;
  • voluntary registration of paramedical remedies under the national state registration regime – 500 GEL.

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