Interior Design And Renovation Work In Batumi

Interior Design And Renovation Work In Batumi
flat renovation service in Batumi

   I would like to introduce you to another important topic which is interesting for those people who have invested in real estate in Georgia or even for them who is going to do. In this blog, I will represent to you what kind of interior design do our collaborators offer you, nearly calculate what is expenditures for varied renovation work, and many other things you need to know…

How you can do redesigning work remotely?!

The thing is that some flats require to redesign over time, which is tough for foreigners to do alone remotely. Here we go, we collaborate with some of our trusted designers. We can connect you with them so you work with them as per your preferences and taste. They will make interior design for you and after it’s done we take care of the realization of the project. So to save your time and energy we offer you management service. Hereby, you can see some photos of apartment designs made in Georgia… We can manage your renovation in Batumi easily, all in one service, when you do not have to bother with anything. When I wanted to renovate my flat I face problems with finding a company who could do everything for me. Design, purchase and renovate. I had to do it all on my own. Then I decided, that I have the necessary skills and contacts to manage renovation procedures for my dear clients. Take care of the whole renovation procedure from A to Z.

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What does interior design include?

Here we have package which offers:

  • creating cozy accommodation space
  • creating individual design choice
  • providing flat with furniture
  • providing flat with techniques (air conditioning, heating…)
  • provides creating wide range of modern apartment styles and so on.

we deal with renovation agents just the same way as with interior designers. as per our experience, as we have done several renovations for our clients we got contacts with reliable renovation workers. we can deal with them and direct renovation just according to your willing.

What about renovating working?

 So in order to think about flat renovation  you should take into consider What does black or white frame apartment mean?

It is always easier to renovate white-frame apartment than other one,because there is done main things in flat and doesn’t need to change anymore while they still aren’t done at black-frame apartment. accordingly, expenditures of your flat’s renovating are lower than the opposite one.

watch me visiting white and black framed flats in Georgia.

What is prices for interior design and renovation work in Batumi?

Thus, let me tell you  about prices what our collaborators offer you. do not change your tune, because that’s a really suitable offer ,which anyone can’t offer in Georgia.

  • Average price for interior design – $ 15 USD per square meter 
  • Renovation average cost for black-frame – from $200 USD per square meter
  • Renovation average cost for white-frame -from $160 USD per square meter

Need some special offer?

how to arrange a flat in Batumi

we have also special offers for you and I would like to introduce you:

  • 4* average type renovation and repair – per square meter starts from $360 us dollars in 45-60 days. the price includes all needed:
  1. works
  2. materials
  3. techniques( household appliances) 
  4. furniture
  • 5*  premium renovation and repair – per square meter starts from $400 us dollars in 45-60 days. the price includes all needed:
  1. works
  2. materials
  3. techniques( household appliances) 
  4. furniture


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