What does Black or White frame apartment mean in Georgia?

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white frame apartments in Georiga

   In many western countries, apartments are sold full renovated, another is the situation in Georgia, where white framing is the most acceptable type of apartment yet it is difficult for many to say exactly what white carcasses mean. In this article, we will discuss the concept of white
framing and its advantages.

    In Georgia you will hear various interesting new terms. One of them is white-framed and black –framed apartments. Most people coming from abroad have never heard of such terms. There is not an exact definition honestly. Because of this some real estate development companies might trick you. Hereby, we try to clear the doubts the real estate market in Georgia. This article aims to help you to  make a beneficial real estate investment decision, for you and only for you obviously. I will put all the necessary information which shall help you to navigate through real estate investment market in Tbilisi, in Batumi or  in general, in Georgia.

General Definition of white framed apartment

When the real estate developer tells you that they handle
white framed property to you, what does it suppose to mean? Well a general definition for white framed apartment is as follows: This is a building where flooring, windows, iron front doors, interior partitions have been plastered. The main vertical stands of water and sewage are included in the apartment. Many construction companies also include “white frame” central heating pipes, telephone lines, cable television and the Internet. Benefits: When you buy a white frame, you save time and effort on black jobs. Here lies a trick.
Many companies! Means not all of them. As thee are quite new terms on the market, nobody knows exact definition.

In short, Standard white framed apartment includes the
following elements:

  • White framed window and metal doors;
  • Building walls: outer concrete block and inner
    partition block.
  • Lighting system;
  • Central heating system;
  • Arrangement of internal communications (gas,
    light, water, etc.)
  • Hydro and sound insulation;
  • Thermal insulation of space;
  • Exterior and interior wall slabs with gage.
  • Gypsum ceiling.
  • Stretched floor.

Things to keep in mind before buying a white frame property

So, my advice, whenever you buy a home in Georgia, or
just  purchase a flat for rental yields,
it does not matter. and the real estate development company tells you they
deliver white framed apartment keep in mind that there is not exact definition
for this kind of property. So make the company to list all the facilities in
details which will or will not be included.

Definition of a black framed property

When term white-frame causes lots of uncertainties, meaning
of black frame is more or less clear. This  one includes a metal door in the apartment, a
metal frame, communication to the door. Advantage: Low price.

I’m sharing my experience regarding purchasing white framed
apartment in Tbilisi Here. Listen to find out what mistakes did we make from
beginning and do never repeat them.

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