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   I have posted several blogs on residence  permit procedure so far, however, I am being asked still quite a few questions. Especially about Temporary or Permanent residence permit possibilities based on Real Estate Investment. This topic became actual due to recent amendments in the immigration law, maybe. So, I felt like piece information was missing for all my dear readers and here I decided to fill It. 

What are the types of Residence Permits in Georgia?

Georgia issues different types of residence permits. Not all of them is applicable for my fellow readers, but here I am stating:


  1. Work Permit – For those having  a business or being employed ( freelancing too)
  2. Study Permit – I think basis of this permit is pretty obvious.
  3. Residence Permit for Family Reunification 
  4. Residence  Permit for Former Citizen of Georgia
  5. Residence Permit for Stateless Person
  6. Special Residence Permit – For those, who have been victim of human trafficking.
  7. Temporary Residence Permit – for victims of Domestic Violance
  8. Residence  Permit for Indefinite Stay – Real Estate Investment at least 300 000 USD equivalent to Georgian Lari.
  9. Short Term Residence Permit – Issues for those individuals and his/her family members, who have got, immovable propery valued at least 100 000 USD equivalent to Georgian Lari.

More Detailed information on the residence permits in Georgia can be found on my other blogs.

Types of Residence Permit on a basis of Real Estate Investment

Short Term Residence Permit

Indefinite Residence Permit

100 000 USD

300 000 USD

     Probably some of you remember, threshold has been lower few years, maybes months back. However, due to recent amendments, this is what we got.  Georgia gives two threshold for residence permit seekers.  Depending on your investment size you can claim either temporary residence permit or permanents residence permit. Indefinite Residence Permit is Granted to the individual to the foreigner (and his/her family members) who holds an investment residence permit issued on the basis of owning an USD 300.000 (equivalent in GEL) worth immovable property and has had an ownership right on this property for 5 years since receiving an investment residence permit. Family members of the foreigner are: a spouse, minor child and a care-receiver or legally incompetent person who is fully dependent on the foreigner, or a disabled person (also fully dependent on the foreigner) who has been recognized as a disabled by the legislation of respective country.

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