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big flats for sale in Georgia

  Greetings to our reader! Firs of all, I would like to get you introduced what the blog is about. Here we go, we’re gonna diverge two ways today for real estate for sale in Tbilisi. The first one is big flats and namely above 200 sq.m. for sale and the second one -houses for sale in the territory of Tbilisi. We tried our best to collect best deals for you, and we well be happy to assist you to buy any of them, anyways.

Houses For Sale in Tbilisi

Deal 1st: House for sale in Chugureti

  • Location : Orjonikidze-toroshelidze street, Chugureti, Chugureti District, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 305.00
  • Number of floors: 2
  • Number of rooms: 7
  • Price :  133,000 USD

For sale in Chugureti district, Ivertubani, new build 2 storey house (the 3rd is balcony)! Needs only repairs. All communications are spot on, going the totally asphalted way! The total area of the house is 305 sq.m., the yard area is 341 sq.m.

Deal 2nd: House for sale in Nadzaladevi

  • Location : Uridia Street, Ts. Dadiani Street, Nadzaladevi, Nadzaladevi district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 280.00
  • Number of floors: 3
  • Number of rooms: 7
  • Price :  115,000 USD

Urgently !!!! Private house for sale in a quiet place in Nadzaladevi district, living space is 280 sq.m. On all the floors are bathrooms, with central heating, reinforced concrete structure, internal doors of all rooms and the internal staircase is parquet.

Deal 3rd: House for sale in Vake

  • Location : Vake, Vake district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 1200.00
  • Number of floors: 3
  • Number of rooms: 15
  • Price :  550,000 USD

Private house for sale in Nutsubidze pine-place, with the best views and general protection, in a cozy settlement created by 17 residents. 625 meters above sea level.

Deal 4th: House for sale at Nadzaladevi district

  • Location : D. Chitchinadze Street, Nadzaladevi, Nadzaladevi District, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 230.00
  • Number of floors: 3
  • Number of rooms: 6
  • Price :  135,000 USD

Apartment for sale + commercial space (shop)
The apartment is near the first maternity hospital in Nadzaladevi district. The apartment is fully constructed with cold concrete and sinks. Insulated has no shared walls. All rooms have windows have 2 large balconies. The apartment is undergoing renovations. The price of the apartment also includes a commercial space which is a functioning shop.

Deal 5th: House for sale in Mtatsminda

  • Location : I. Gogebashvili First Lane # 16, I. Gogebashvili I turn, Mtatsminda, Mtatsminda district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 235.00
  • Number of floors: 5
  • Number of rooms: 10
  • Price :  240,000  USD

In the center of the city on Zemo Vera (remove noise and polluted air, 7 minutes from Rustaveli Avenue), private house for sale (3 apartments) with a cozy yard, veranda and private garage.
The house is 235 sq.m. Living space 190 sq.m. Balconies and terrace (3rd floor roof) 45 sq.m.
The house consists of three isolated floors with a 40 sq.m. terrace, panoramic view of the city (rear view of Mtatsminda Park)
On the first floor there is a living room with fireplace, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and French balcony (living 67 sq.m., balcony 2 sq.m.). On the second floor, studio type living room, 2 bedrooms, study (or bedroom), bathroom, storage room and balcony (living 75 sq.m., balcony 5 sq.m.). On the third floor there is a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and balcony (living 38 sq.m., balcony 2.5 sq.m.). On the fourth floor there is a beautiful terrace with a view of the whole city + toilet. (40 sq.m.) on all four floors there are all communications (gas, water internet, central heating).
Apartments are actively rented to foreign tourists (airbnb) and foreigners coming to work on long-term contracts with citizens.
If you are interested in developing your own real estate business, this house will allow you to do just that.

Deal 6th: House for sale in Avlabari

  • Location : Elia, Avlabari, Isani District, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 350.00
  • Number of floors: 3
  • Number of rooms: 7
  • Price :  260,000  USD

house for sale in Avlabari, 2 km walk from the metro, 10 minutes walk from the yard, with a cozy and quiet place with views of the city.

Deal 7th: House for sale in Vake

  • Location :First lane of Mtskheta street. N4, Mtskheta st. 1st lane, Vake, Vake district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 222.00
  • Number of floors: 6
  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Price :  165,000  USD

Part of the first floor and the third floor of a private three-storey house for sale in Vake immediately. The mentioned house has a garden of 100 sq.m., as well as a basement and an entrance cell, which overlooks Mtskheta Street. The two rooms on the first floor can be converted into an office space, which is also located on Mtskheta Street. The total area is 222 sq.m. M.

Deal 8th: House for sale on Vera

  • Location :Gogebashvili 2nd st. N10, Vera, Mtatsminda district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 489.00
  • Number of floors: 2
  • Number of rooms: 8
  • Price :  320,000  USD

for sale 2-storey of private brick house. House area 232.52 m. Attic 140.91 m. Separate yard with cultivated fruit trees 222.65 m. Ceiling 3, 60. The house is bright, has a beautiful view of the whole of Tbilisi, fresh air. The district is quiet, peaceful. It is easily accessible from anywhere in Tbilisi.

Deal 9th: House for sale in Chugureti

  • Location :Khudadov Street, the end of Khudadov forest, Chugureti, Chugureti district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 950.00
  • Number of floors: 3
  • Number of rooms: 10
  • Price :  600,000  USD
Urgently! Hotel type house. Ten rooms with individual wet spots are made.
Can also be sold as a residential house (total area of ​​the house is 950 sq.m. yard 450 sq.m.)
Downstairs is a business space (cheese factory) rented for $ 3000, which will be transferred to the new owner under the contract. The factory considers all the machine tools that are located on the lower floor.

Deal 10th: House for sale in Chugureti

  • Location :Kinkladze Street, Chugureti, Chugureti District, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 800.00
  • Number of floors: 3
  • Number of rooms: 15
  • Price :  400,000  USD

I floor 7 rooms, with residents.
Garage for 5 cars
II floor 7 rooms, 100 sq.m. Roofed balcony.
III floor white frame, with 2 balconies.

The house has a beautiful garden with fruit trees and various ornamental plants.
The house can also be used for business purposes.

Big Flats For Sale in Tbilisi

Deal 1st: Old built apartment for sale in Chugureti district

  • Location: Agmashenebeli 36, d. Agmashenebeli Avenue, Chugureti District, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 294.00 
  • Floor: 3/3
  • Number of rooms: 4
  • Price: 250,000 USD

Cultural heritage monument of national importance, 161.48 sq m apartment with new renovation and 133.98 sq m attic (to be done). 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen. All necessary furniture and appliances. Ready to rent.

Deal 2nd: Newly finished apartment for sale in Vake

  • Location: Z. Paliashvili Street, Vake, Vake District, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 217.00 
  • Floor: 7/9
  • Number of rooms: 5
  • Price: 180,100 USD

For sale urgently, Z. Paliashvili N16, near the round garden, newly built, with good views and an entrance guard.

Deal 3rd: Newly built apartment for sale in Vake

  • Location: 7g Kipshidze, Vake, Vake district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 280.00 
  • Floor: 7/7
  • Number of rooms: 7
  • Price: 340,000 USD

Renovated 2-storey apartment for sale in 2019 on Kipshidze Street. With 4 bedrooms (it is possible to add a bedroom), brand new central heating system, built-in furniture, 2-bed garage (+ 1 parking space in front of the garage). It also has 2 storerooms, 4 bathrooms and 4 balconies.
There is security in the building, there are several grocery stores and pharmacies around the building.

Deal 4th:Newly built apartment for sale on Vera

  • Location: Next to Hotel Rooms, 6 Chovelidze, Vera, Mtatsminda District, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 245.00 
  • Floor: 8/9
  • Number of rooms: 5
  • Price: 410,000 USD

High class apartment for sale, at 6 Chovelidze Street, next to Hotel Rooms and Printing House.
The apartment has 70 square verandas around, from which you can see the whole of Tbilisi at 270 degrees, a miraculous view …

It has three bedrooms and one cabinet, which can also be used as a bedroom. Two bathrooms. 1 main, with separate bathroom, even one in one of the bedrooms.

Is with the highest quality renovation, modern design.
Italian underfloor heating and thermostatic system (in all rooms, and in several sections in the living room there is a small screen from which you can control the temperature in sections)
Shower systems, mixers and toilets are all built-in by Grohe.
There are Berker switches and rosettes.
Spanish large format granite.
70-inch Samsung TV.
Fully furnished with high quality furniture.
Separate kitchen, also with built-in appliances and island.

Near the building, 50 meters away are the printing house, Rooms, Lolita, Rustaveli Avenue. There is a supermarket on the first floor of the building.

Includes underground parking for two cars.

Deal 5th: Newly constructed flat for sale in Vake

  • Location: 33e, i. Chavchavadze Avenue, Vake, Vake district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 300.00 
  • Floor: 11/14
  • Number of rooms: 5
  • Price: 400,000 USD

5-room penthouse apartment for sale in Vake, on Chavchavadze Avenue, on the 11th floor of a 14-storey building, 24-hour security, the entrance is covered with two cargo and passenger elevators, the building has its own protected parking lot.
The total area of ​​the apartment is 300 sq.m., renovated, with 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, isolated kitchen, utility room (laundry), two wardrobes, 3 bathrooms, large 34 sq.m. veranda, central heating, hot water, telephone, internet , With built-in furniture and appliances, beautiful views.

Deal 6th: Newly built apartment for sale in Vake

  • Location: Mtskheta Street, Vake, Vake district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 250.00 
  • Floor: 7/8
  • Number of rooms: 6
  • Price: 250,000 USD

For sale in Vake, on Mtskheta Street, near the Round Garden, in the most prestigious building, 250 duplex apartment on the 7th and 8th (last) floors (both floors are permeable). The exterior and interior of the building are covered with high quality materials. Otis elevators are installed. Has underground parking. The building is served by security, concierge. The apartment is non-standard and can be converted according to any request of the buyer (can accommodate 3 or 4 bedrooms, large living room, study, 2 bathrooms, etc.). The apartment is for sale in green frame condition. Both floors have a balcony. There are wonderful views from the apartment. The building is housed. On the first floor of the building there is a chain store of “Europroduct”.

Deal 7th: Newly built apartment for sale in Vake

  • Location: 33e, i. Chavchavadze Avenue, Vake, Vake district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 200.00 
  • Floor: 8/25
  • Number of rooms: 5
  • Price: 320,000 USD

200 sq.m. apartment for sale white frame, I. Chavchavadze Ave. Chavchavadze Ave. 60, in the newly built Hausart Plaza. on the 8th floor, with a view of Chavchavadze.

Deal 8th: Newly constructed flat for sale in Vake

  • Location :Mikeladze # 19 b.17, L. Mikeladze Street, Vake, Vake district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 234.00
  • Floor: 11/12
  • Number of rooms: 4
  • Price :  285,000  USD

  This apartment is the best offer for a family looking for a modern type, comfortably arranged apartment in the central part of the city. The apartment is very comfortable, practical and in the best condition. The apartment is quiet and clean due to the high floor and the best location. The 72 sqm open terrace is the best place to relax and have fun in the fresh air Bedrooms have individual bathrooms. There is also a separate bathroom and shower for the guest. The apartment has a separate laundry room and two storage rooms. The terrace storage room is equipped with a 200 liter water tank, which is connected to the main water supply system of the apartment. The apartment has a comfortable parking lot, which is located very close to the entrance.

Deal 9th: Old built apartment for sale in Vake

  • Location : 11, i. Chavchavadze Avenue, Vake, Vake district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 238.96
  • Floor: 6/7
  • Number of rooms: 9
  • Price :  290,000  USD

Newly renovated apartment (duplex) for sale in a prestigious house on Chavchavadze Avenue. The apartment is located on the last 6th and 7th floors, fully furnished and equipped.

Deal 10th: Newly built apartment for sale in Vake

  • Location : 19, Dariali Street, Vake, Vake district, Tbilisi
  • Space sq.m.: 412.00
  • Floor: 6/8
  • Number of rooms: 7
  • Price :  340,000  USD

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