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I will try to tell you All about starting a business in Georgia. From opening a company to every detail you might need for successful operation of your company in Georgia.  In case  you still feel like you need an assistance, please contact me.        Me and My team can help you with easiest company formation procedure and after formation support.  

Georgia for Pakistani Citizens

Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens     Is Visa required  for Pakistani Citizens in Georgia? Recently, Pakistani Nationals approach me with this question and I would like to answer all your concerns here in this blog. For detailed information…

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Licensed Activities in Georgia

In this blog we will discuss for which type of activities require special license in Georgia.  To make long story shorter, There are several types of licenses in Georgia: Licenses to Operate in Georgia 1. Licence to produce and…

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Taxation in Georgia made simple

There are only six taxes in Georgia:*   Personal income tax*   Corporate income tax*   Value added tax*   Excise tax *   Import tax*   Property Tax ( Local Tax)  Standard Tax Rates in Georgia *Personal income tax 20%*Personal income tax for micro business…

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Property Purchase Agent in Georgia

Please Subscribe and Like if You find It Helpful :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF_uskCUTgo&t=36sWhat We Do   We offer a specialized service to individual home buyers and investors looking to benefit from the opportunities in Georgia. We are here to help with every…

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