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   In order to Start Crypto Business in Georgia, you need to follow some simple steps. In This article our team of company registration in Georgia, will present you Georgia, the Best Crypto-friendly country, where it is worth to start your cryptocurrency business in Tbilisi Free Zone. Besides, you may wander what are some of the TOP Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin Business in Georgia, so here we go! you will find several reasons which makes it favourable. Another thing is that How to start cryptocurrency trading in Georgia, step-by-step, you will find cryptocurrency exchange companies and wallets’ opportunities. At the end of article, there are listed locations of cryptomats in three main cities Batumi, Tbilisi and Kutaisi in Georgia. Read this article carefully and share your thoughts with us, we want to get your feedback soon :))

    The Bitcoin and crypto industry in Georgia is developing significantly year by year. It is actually the prerogative of the country to attract local and international companies to the IT industry.  including the cryptocurrency business. Right now you can benefit from the fact that there is no legislation referring to doing crypto business in Georgia. 

     According to the “Organic Law of Georgia on the National Bank of Georgia”, the issuance, sale and purchase of cryptographic (virtual) currency, including the buying, selling, mining, exchange, receipt, sending or withdrawal is not under the supervision of the National Bank of Georgia. Hence, no specific license is needed to incorporate and start crypto business in Georgia.

      This means, there is not a single restriction in the law, that will prohibit doing a crypto business. But, what is the crypto business in the first place?

What is Crypto Business?

What defines a cryptocurrency company is, first and foremost, it defines the type of business that uses cryptographic methods to secure virtual operations. There are some benefits, why you should consider Georgia for incorporation. Those who are interested in starting a business in Georgia should know that Georgia ranks 12th to 8th in the Bitcoin Friendly List in terms of cryptocurrency

The best place to Start Mining Crypto

   Let’s start with the circumstance that those who want to start a business in the field of cryptocurrency, who intend to do business in Georgia, have the opportunity to register their businesses in a free industrial zone. The above-mentioned free industrial zone is located a short distance from Tbilisi and offers a preferential taxation scheme to the companies that join it.

   Registering company in a free industrial zone will bring you some benefits as you take advantages with tax exemptions. But there are still some taxes that you can’t avoid, they are:

  • Income tax on salaries
  • tax for lease

     Furthermore, a bitcoin center has been opened in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, which is the largest bitcoin data center in the country. Real estate and business registration team in Georgia, can provide you with detailed information if necessary.

       More information on the structure of free industrial zones can be found here. We even got a video for you:



TOP Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin Business in Georgia

    Perhaps you have an idea why Georgia has become one of the most attractive countries for Bitcoin business. Yes, the development of Bitcoin business is directly related to the ease of doing business in Georgia. At the same time, as the World Bank announced, Georgia ranks 5th in the world in terms of ease of starting and doing business. Now let’s look at the benefits that starting a Bitcoin business can bring you in Georgia. these are:

  • Suitable investment climate
  • relevant taxation bricks
  • The lowest possibility of corruption
  • competitive labor and energy costs

How to start cryptocurrency trading in Georgia

     Since this system is decentralized, it does not matter where you live or where you run your business. Consequently, regardless of your place of residence, you can start trading the cryptocurrency you want. However, you should be aware that this process takes place with cryptocurrency exchanges through the platforms provided by them. 

Checklist for incorporating Bitcoin Business:

This checklist is pretty much the same as incorporating an ordinary LLC. If you follow up with us for quite some time, you probably know how you can incorporate this kind of company. If you are new you can read this blog for example. If you got further questions, or need assistance with starting a bitcoin related business, feel free to contact us. We will assist you to incorporate crypto business.

Withdraw Crypto Currency - Cryptomats or Crypto ATMS in Georgia

Start Bitcoin Business in Georgia. Cryptocurrency business in Georgia

Some of my dear readers, inboxed me, asking if there is a crypto ATMS in Georiga. They were looking for the possibility to withdraw crypto in fiat currency. So I found out required information for them. As GeorgiaWealth reported there are the following cryptomats in Georgia. 

Cryptomats in Batumi:

  • Baratashvili St. 41, shop “Mobservise”.
  • Tbel-Abuseridze St., “Black Sea Mall”

Cryptomats in Tbilisi:

  • Kostava St. 76, shop “Fresh Salads”;
  • Tsereteli Av. 116, mall “Didube”;
  • 16 km of David Agmashenebeli Lane, “Tbilisi Mall”;
  • Shota Rustaveli Av. 2/4, mall “Galleria Tbilisi”;
  • International airport Tbilisi;
  • Paliashvili St. 81, shop “Coffee and cigarettes”;
  • Hizanishvili St. 16, mall “Gldani”;
  • Ilya Chavchavadze Av. 37L, mall “Homemart”;
  • Alexandr Tvalchrelidze St. 2, mall “East Point”;
  • Vazha Pshavela St. 59, shop “Don Chicho”;

Finally, cryptomat in Kutaisi:

  • II Tsereteli lane 2а, hotel Bagrati 1003.
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